Rookie Visiting For Mine Construction, School To Be An Archaeology School?

You may remember reading my post from the other day saying that Club Penguin’s Mine is going to be remodelled soon…here’s a bit more of relating information! For several weeks now (thanks to Club Penguin Support) I’ve known that Rookie is going to be coming in July. I didn’t know what for originally, but now I do. @YeahBoiiCP emailed Club Penguin Support and in their reply back they said “I’ve heard that a certain jokester might make an appearance to celebrate the construction of a brand new building on Club Penguin!” The jokester is without a doubt Rookie.

If you take a good look at that school sketch image you’ll see it’s not like your traditional school setting. What school has fish bones hanging from the ceiling? Exactly. None! However, that got me thinking. What’s located underground? Bones and fossils. What’s being reconstructed soon? The mine! Where is the mine located? Underground! Does this mean the school being added is an archaeology school or something similar? It’s all a theory, but I think yes. What do you think? Voice your thoughts in the comment below!

42 thoughts on “Rookie Visiting For Mine Construction, School To Be An Archaeology School?

  1. Personally, if this is the case, Gary should have been the one visiting, not Rookie. Gary last visited during May 9th-10th, 2013, nearly 2 months ago for the My Penguin Release Party, but since not many made it to that party, i’m not counting it. So truly, Gary’s main visit was the Hollywood Party, which was nearly 5 months ago which was late february, but only lasted a few days.

    Since it’s related to science, it really, REALLY should have been Gary. But since Rookie’s last appearence was Operation: Blackout, which was 8 months ago, and the fact that he hasn’t appear this year, makes a great opportunity for him to come.

    I predict Cadence and the Penguin Band will come during the Summer Jam in August, but what about Rockhopper?

    Since Rockhopper’s last visit was December 2012, and due to the fact he normally comes every three months, which broke that tradition, he should come during September.

    *Has idea* Hey!!!! Rememeber the first puffle dig you had? You could see coins, your puffle, the lost and dinosaur bones! Yep! The Puffle Dig and the Archaeology School are connected! Hmmm… after I discovered this, maybe I can be an archaeologist! XD

  3. Well, some schools hang sharks or other animals up in their classrooms, so the fish bones might be something like that. Excellent therie, though.

  4. a curious thing in this year , mascot are now coming without a party (Chinese new year, my penguin release party, 400 newspaper) i think they do it for we dont getting bored waiting a party

  5. It should be in an ICE CAVE!
    We are penguins –
    penguins don’t have paved streets and dig in dirt.
    We like snow – dirt hurts our flippers.

  6. I really would enjoy a Cp party like the Underwater Adventure party with just Rockhopper and free items from boxes around Cp.

  7. Trainman,Why is there two door in the school room, don’t you think that maybe(this is a guess) their are more rooms in the school because what room has two exits. Only one is necessary. Another thing is why is there a trophy in the middle of the room.

  8. “What school has bones hanging from the ceiling? Exactly. None!”

    No, Hogwarts does. There are bones hanging from the ceiling of the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. ;)

  9. Plus, Rookie did say he was looking for his pet rock in a recent news flash. But from what I see and your new theory, he’s going to find a lot more than his lost pet.

  10. Archaeology. School. Remodeled Mine. Puffle Digging. Digging for “rare items”, anyone else see these connections? I’m not saying that this archaeology buzz has anything to do with the Mine but what if the Gift Shop buried all of their old rare items and the boxes of rare free items and our puffles are basically archaeologists?

    • I can’t believe Club Penguin is doing that! They are going to destroy rarity! Some items need to stay rare…

    • Awesome! When I was younger I went through a phase where I wanted to be an archaeologist. It seems like an awesome profession!

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