Club Penguin Operation Blackout Cheats Theories

Operation Blackout starts in a little under twenty four hours as of posting this, and for weeks agents have been waiting for this moment – and the wait is finally nearly over! Operation Blackout was first discovered over a year ago, first mentioned by Club Penguin August 2, 2011. A clip of a computer screen revealed the title of Operation Blackout and a script. See this post to read more about it.

It’ll be interesting if the text shown in the image above will be in the actual Operation Blackout, a year later:

Herbert: You penguins will never again see the light of day! Mwa ha ha”

Rookie: You’ll never get away with this Herbert!

Herbert: That’s where you’re (…)

From then on, there was little to no mention of Operation Blackout by Club Penguin. Back in September Billybob was asked on Twitter how long until Operation Blackout, when he said it was top secret. However, a day later I posted some information showing that Herbert will be meetable soon. Sure enough, he will be! From there, lots of sneak peeks have been posted. Here’s a collection of them all, including the videos. Some of the sneak peeks have been released already before Operation Blackout, such as the teaser trailer posted on the Club Penguin Blog or for this week’s field ops orders.

We also can’t forget Herbert’s website update progress:

Other sneak peeks such as login screens, log off screens, and more include the following:

Finally, videos and their sneak peeks.

Sneak Peek Trailer:

Businesmoose’s sneak peek:

Disney’s Game On commercial:

Here’s pictures from the videos:


Snow Forts: (and yes, they’re different looking!)


The Everyday Phoning Facility is the Everlasting Putrid Fire!

Good thing there’s a firetruck to spray water.

Inside the EPF:

The Command Room:

So what do we know so far? We know that:

  1. Herbert will be meetable
  2. We have to wear special gear
  3. Gary is kidnapped
  4. Plants seem to involved
  5. The Everyday Phoning Facility will be destroyed
  6. The EPF has an underground base
  7. Herbert wants to destroy the island
  8. We will be infiltrating Herbert’s fortress

Keep your eyes peeled and stay ready!

20 thoughts on “Club Penguin Operation Blackout Cheats Theories

  1. Club Penguin will be dark and snowy, agents will finally have REAL action since the Battle of Doom (which I wasn’t able to attend), and non-members will get feet items for the first time since 2008. I think this will be great. :)

  2. the picture of the town and the one with chairs looks like the coffe shop in the town!
    So they must go together! ;D I’m so excited about operation:Blackout!

  3. Awesome! :D If Herbert destroys the EPF, there will be a new hideout and the EPF will be history.. :( Is wearing the Herbert costume the only feature that needs paid membership?

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