Pictures and Videos of my Club Penguin Birthday Parties

As you might recall, last weekend I had two Club Penguin birthday parties. Not only that, but at Field Friday Polo Field told penguins to wear their party hats and Spike Hike even celebrated it a little bit as Spike Saturday! It was really epic and I had a lot of fun hanging with everyone. We played games, chatted, and I tried to send as many postcards and igloo likes as I could. Some penguins were creative and put a train in their igloo, too! It’s definitely a weekend I won’t forget. We even nearly filled the server! Many of you sent in pictures and videos, so if you want to see what happened or relive the memories here’s a collection of the photos and videos both I and others took. A huge thanks to everyone who sent them in!



Have any other pictures or videos not in the post? You can still sent me them! Simply give me the link in the comments below or email it to

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  1. hi train I couldn’t make to either parties they weren’t good times for me to attend :( hope ya had fun though :)

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