Club Penguin’s Mine To Be Remodeled Soon

Here’s a little interesting snippet from Club Penguin Support! Ferdthebird (thanks!) sent me a picture of an email he received from Club Penguin Support a couple days ago. Check it out, most notable the final few lines.


Oh… this just in! The Mine area is going to be permanently re-modeled for the upcoming Monsters University Takeover! I’m not sure exactly what the changes are going to be, but keep your eyes open for more updates to come…

It reminds me of this tweet from Polo Field last night.

Could it be the school that was teased at the Club Penguin Summit in April? After all, it’s not at the party and I doubt it was a change of plans! The thing is, however, a school at the Mine seems a bit weird and out of place.

I guess we’ll know soon enough! Aside from the Recycling Center, Mine Cave, Hidden Lake, and Underwater rooms being added in 2010, there has been no other additions to the Mine area since then. (Fun fact, the Mine opened in May 2006 and at first there was no pool, that was added after the Sports Party in August of that year! See this page for pictures of the Mine when it first opened.)

44 thoughts on “Club Penguin’s Mine To Be Remodeled Soon

  1. I’m pretty sure he was talking about the school, because a few moments before he tweeted that I asked if the school room was coming. And you know how they can’t reply, so he must’ve said it indirectly. I deleted my tweets, but that shows the was talking about the school. The Mine remodel was unheard of.

  2. I have a nice clue. Maybe that will be secret underground school? Look at the river in the party room with Scare Challenge. You can see an entrance there. Maybe that will be the new school near Mine?

  3. Are they going to remove the mine and put the school in or are they going to re-model the mine and add a whole new place for the school

  4. TRAIN!! I just put the puzzle pieces together!! Do you see the big bony fish in the school?! What if when the Mine is re designed, our puffles (or we) will be able to DIG FOR FOSSILS?! And they go into that school, or maybe it is a museum!!! Maybe the new room will be at the Mine Shack!!!

  5. That sketch is basically the coffee shop for the Monster Takeover.
    I guess monsters don’t eat much, there isn’t much food in the rooms.
    They just redid the coffee shop a few months ago.

    There’s been a door space in the mine area by Puffle Rescue for a long time, maybe they will open it into another room.

  6. I agree, I think a school would be rather odd to have in place of the mine.
    She probably means a remodel like what happened to the plaza.

  7. Maybe the room on the sneak peek is a scrapped model of the Pizza Parlour on the party,note the chairs and the tables.

  8. train do u like old cp or new cp I love new cp cp get nocited a lot from disny and the partys are so better like the Hollywood party I cried when that was over

  9. I have the thought that it may be edited… They never would reveal something like this. Well, only time will tell.

  10. Who said it was a school? It could be a lab for studying fossils? I am not sure who officially announced it would be a school. And what type of school? Archeologists?

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