16 thoughts on “July 13, 2013 Spike Saturday (Now Over)

  1. Trainman Spike hike released the code BARONFEL
    and you can get the costume for Star Wars party!
    Hope this helped!And please give me credit.

  2. Speaking of Spike Hike, he has told a brand new code on his twitter! The code is BARONFEL . It seems like it doesnt work in some countries. UK can use code Starwars to get it, America can use BARONFEL . I’m not sure if theres anymore options….

  3. Hey Trainman. You can post the Star Wars Takeover exclusive code now. The code is BARONFEL. Spike Hike confirmed it on Twitter. Also, you should update your url from ¨Club Penguin Monsters University Takeover I CP Memories etc…¨ To ¨Club Penguin Star Wars Takeover I CP Memories etc…¨ ;)

    • Thanks, I updated it. And yeah I saw his tweet with the code. I’ll be getting around to posting that soon.

  4. Once I was finding spike he said he is in a igloo that starts with a j and I forgot that my penguins name starts with a j and he was at my iggy

  5. hey train,
    I think cp is not going to do a Halloween party why because some people don’t celebrate Halloween. Why was I thinking this because cp never did a April fools party ( some people don’t celebrate April fool like my other friend ) instead they did a different party. I don’t know if agree with me but that is my theory

  6. If your doing a post on the new code for the star wars party are you going to give me credit?
    Because i mentioned the code first on this post.

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