Item Digging On Club Penguin!

Puffle Digging for coins was released last month and now you can dig for items too! It’s the same as before – walk your Puffle and all over the island your Puffle will randomly find items. I can’t demonstrate what happens or list what items you unlock since I appear to have them all, but feel free to share what items you’ve unlocked in the comments below! Most items are members only. Everyone will get coins.

There’s also a new stamp titled Treasure Box. You can unlock it (members only) by finding an item in a Puffle treasure dig. This is Club Penguin’s 351st stamp.

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 11.45.25 PM

Club Penguin has also created a video on it.

Here’s a list of items I have heard of being unlocked but have not verified myself, so there may be a few slight inconsistencies. A huge thanks to everyone that has submitted what they’ve unlocked!


3D Glasses
Big Bad Wool Costume
Black Viking Helmet
Cosmic Star Hat (This is a nonmember item)
Eyepatch (This is a nonmember item)
Designer Glasses
Funny Face Glasses (This is a nonmember item)
Geta Sandals
Green Suede Jacket
Jet Pack
Magician’s Wand
Paddle Ball (This is a nonmember item)
Pink Bunny Slippers
Piratey Stuffie
Pirate Bandana (This is a nonmember item)
Pirate Boots (This is a nonmember item)
Puffle Bandana (This is a nonmember item)
Robot Helmet
Seashell Belt (This is a nonmember item)
Star Necklace
Black and Red Sailor Shirt (This is a nonmember item)
Umbrella Hat (This is a nonmember item)
White Diva Sunglasses
Zeus The Moose Head


Black Puffle Poster
Blue Puffle Poster
Green Puffle Poster
Jolly Roger Flag
Pink Puffle Poster
Purple Puffle Poster
Red Puffle Poster
Mexican Vase
Rainbow With Pot O’ Gold
Red Lava Lamp
Red Puffle Poster
Treasure Chest
White Puffle Poster

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81 thoughts on “Item Digging On Club Penguin!

  1. A tiara? Is for girls, I dont want it in my inventory, well… Will be tomorrow because I’m not in the computer.

    • I already have it, and it is not that bad. It is somewhere around the beginning of your list. If you go to the newest items it should be totally out of your way!

  2. I unlocked the Pink Starry Top Hat! I’ve spent two hours searching after I found that, and I have still not found anything else…

  3. Serious?! SERIOUS?! I went out YESTERDAY to buy the membership card with the jet pack on it..just for the jet pack. Now it’s for free??? Darn

    Finally! :D It was finally worth it to only have 5 hours of sleep!
    You know I’m kinda tired now.. ;)

  5. Really!? Puffle Bandna, 3D Glasses and Paddle ball came in 2010+.So, how are they rare? Also im sad too, Cosmic Star Hat, Black and Red Sailor Shirt and Pirate boots are the items that i want to keep rare. Now the list of items aren’t rare anymore. But good thing they didn’t bring pins back like they promised. :): (sad and happy face)

  6. I have find a seashell belt a white diva sunglasess a unbrella hat a blacj viking helmet a tiara and a pirate bandana. and of furniture a black puffle poster a pinata a treasure chest a gnome pemguin and a red lava lamp. :D

  7. I have some tips to share! 1. Use an older puffle of yours. 2. stand/dance/sit for 1 minute (I dont know if this works, try it!) ALL CREDIT GOES TO Sonitrol for finding it out and to disneyfan318 for telling you theese. Hope it works!

  8. I have only found the Star Necklace, Tiara, Umbrella hat (already had it), Gnome, Purple puffle picture, and lava lamp. :D, But i do feel sorry for the rare penguins who had these items.

  9. i already have membership and i took my black puffle to dig and my sweet pet dug 1month extra membership treasure for me.

  10. can penguins that aren’t members dig a treasure box?
    why don’t you make cool stuff for people that don’t pay for membership?
    it just makes people sad.

  11. Train, i need serious help. i can never find the 3d glasses,ive looks everyday and searched every bit by bit. its bin ever since puffles started digging the first day. i still cant find it. ive tried everything. i keep trying but i cant find it. all i want is the three d glasses nothing else. :( i just really want to get it badly. any help?

  12. Trainman i am trying to dig up for 3D glasses.Can u give me some info about that item?examle:where can i dig up for that item? where the most plays found it?

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