Herbert’s Website Updated With New Star Wars Takeover Teaser

Herbert’s ClubHerbert.com website has been updated a second with a new teaser on the Star Wars Takeover! Check it out:


Wow, the Lighthouse sure is big even in outer space! :P He obviously loves the dark side, as shown on his mug. Do you think he’s drinking coffee or tea?

34 thoughts on “Herbert’s Website Updated With New Star Wars Takeover Teaser

  1. Wow! A cool lightsaber, I like the planet, is in “3D” the lighthouse is bigger in the space. Is it dark coffee? jajajajaja. Is like that’s going to be a good takeover, I hope that. Can’t wait!

    • But is a saber, it looks like a saber, the guns doesn´t have that shape, I think they have the shape like a real gun of the real life :P

  2. Hey Train,
    Watch atleat the 6th and the 1st episode of Star Wars. You’ll understand it.

  3. i thought herberts problem is he wantes to go to a warmer enviornment if he can go to space why cant he go to the tropics

  4. How did herbert find the materials AND the money to make a giant, floating, suspicious-looking death device? Wouldn’t someone notice it?

  5. im a big star wars fan and I made a picture of darth Herbert half darth half Herbert email me cause I want you to see the awesome pic

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