Club Penguin Star Wars Takeover 2013 Cinematic Trailer

Here’s the epic new video from Club Penguin on the Star Wars Takeover starting later this month! It’s a cinematic trailer, meaning no actual party footage is shown. It’s some other animation on the overall plot of the party to get us hyped, and it definitely worked! Looks like Darth Herbert is going to be busy this month!

I may have to watch Star Wars for the first time… ;P Also I love the animation style on this! Very awesome and different.

107 thoughts on “Club Penguin Star Wars Takeover 2013 Cinematic Trailer

  1. I can’t wait to be chewbacca and a rebel pilot maybe you could team up with other penguins in a squadron of pilots and fight together that be so cool

  2. Wow!!! I wasn’t so psyched about the Star Wars party earlier, but now it seems like it’s going to be… … … … … AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  3. Wait! Train, at the end it said LUCASFILM LTD.
    Maybe they made the trailer and maybe that is why it is 3D!?

  4. If they made the club penguin tv show in the same style as this, I would definitely watch it. And at first I thought the party would be stupid, but after seeing this I changed my mind. :)

  5. amazing. I love star wars. Train if you watch it, watch 4 a new hope first so you know what the party is about

  6. Ya better watch out,
    You better not cry,
    You better not pout,
    I’m telling you why
    Darth Herbert is coming to CP!

  7. Well I guess CP had enough time to play with there toys XP
    I guess Cadence is princess Cadence… :l

  8. Yayy!!! I’m sooo exited!! I am such a star wars nerd and such a cp nerd I’m soo exited!!! I want star wars clothing sooo bad…..

  9. ok did anybody notice tht since herbert is darth vader and the penguins r the stormtroopers looks like we got traitors! look at the trailer!


  11. PUFFLE R2D2s?!!!?
    I hope Obi Wan Kenobi’s cloak will be a separate item from the body outfit.
    Were they shooting at Shipwreck Island at the beginning?
    Looked like it was over near the island where we built the ruby beacon

  12. 0:50 LOL! It’s funny how the penguin sneezes, then the other one punches him! I’ve watched that scene over and over again!! :D

  13. theory time I think that Herbert was going to take the hot sauce to power his ship ( death star ) and with the power of the hot sauce he could have powered it up and made it invinciable what do you think train. :P

  14. BA HA HA HA HA!! DARTH HERBERT!! cadence the princess? or something? dont know didnt watch
    cadence might do a new song i was thinking of it and it might be true!!
    – Shera54321

  15. Dosn’t anyone know that disney bought lucasfilm!? maybe that’s why they only did a star wars party now don’t you think?

  16. This looks so cool! I’m going to be Obi Josh Kenobi. :) Though the party seems cool, doesn’t Darth Vader die at the end of Chapter Six? So does that mean that someone (Luke?!) can literally kill Herbert? And look at the Stormtroopers, you can see yellow flippers under the suit, so they are penguins, also! I wonder if Herbert hypnotized us, or…I don’t know. I remember when it was only EPF and Club Penguin vs. Herbert and Klutzy ALONE. Sure he made awesome gadgets and defeated us twice, but he still…And why would penguins-wait let me say that-And why would CP PENGUINS fight to have no more parties! Also, is this the first time we are able to leave the planet? We’ve left the island before when we went to Shipwreck Island in 2011. But we’ve only left the island once. And that one time was two parties ago, when we did the Crystal Jump thing during the Marvel Takeover. Also, notice the lightsaber? The lightsaber may be a weapon for the Jedi and Sith lords, but what about Stormtroopers and people like Han Solo? They get guns!! That’s right-For the first time in Club Penguin, people have hacked it, people have editeded pictures to make it look like they have, but for the first time, without HACK, without EDIT, penguins get GUNS! Is that what Disney is teaching us? That we can have guns and shoot people before most of us are probobly 9?! Anyway, I remember a while ago when Disney bought Star Wars that Spike Hike said we could tip the ‘Berg with The Force! Does that mean we can finally solve the mystery of what’s under the Iceberg? Now to Cadence. She is a DJ/Singer/Dance, right? Well in Star Wars she has a gun and helps Han Solo. So does that mean Cadence is secretly a Assasian? Also, they get marries at the end of Chapter 6. Isn’t that too adult-ish for CP? Finally, what happened to Herbert? I know now he is Darth Herbert, but why/how? Who hurt him and transformed him into Darth? And here is the biggest question I have of all: If Darth Herbert is Darth Vader, who is the Emperor? Is Herbert working for somebody? Man, we are back to Club Penguin Mysteries! I will have to re-open my blog for that part. :)

    -Obi Josh Kenobi

    • I know. When I originally posted I accidentally wrote takeover instead of trailer. :P I don’t change the post URL, only the title if I make a typo. :)

  17. WHAT?CADENCE IS PRINCESS LEIA??!?BUT I HATE CADENCE!I guess someone else should be Princess Leia or they should make that mascot…if Cadence make a new Star Wars song,I will just DISLIKE IT!

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