Club Penguin Removes Puffle Launch from the App Store (Further Details Provided By Spike Hike)

UPDATE: Spike Hike (yes, the real him) has gone a little bit more into detail on the removal of the application. Scroll down or just click here to see the comment.

About a week ago Club Penguin unexpectedly removed Puffle Launch from the iOS app store and also the Google Play Store. While the team did not officially announce this anywhere, if you check their apps page you’ll see it no longer mentioned – all traces of it have been removed.

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 8.53.01 PM

If you email Club Penguin Support and ask about it here is their response. (a big thanks to Azeemsky for this!)

We regret to inform you that the Club Penguin Puffle Launch app will no longer be available to download. You are still more than welcome to play Puffle Launch on the island of Club Penguin at Our website’s version even offers an extra series of Box Dimension levels for players with membership that the app never had!

With the above in mind, it’s possible that Puffle Launch may make it onto the My Penguin App in the future, but we cannot guarantee that this will happen. For the time being, we suggest playing Puffle Launch online, and keeping your flippers crossed that it makes it onto the My Penguin App!

I can’t say it’ll be missed, although it would definitely make sense for it to be added to the My Penguin application at some point in the future. If you never downloaded Puffle Launch or Puffle Launch Lite for iOS or Android you’re out of luck. If you already have it, once you delete it, it’s gone for good – so make sure you back up the app file if you want to save it. Keep in mind that future mobile operating system updates can break the app and make parts of it not work, and it won’t be fixed since the application is no longer being updated.

Thanks To Dman10297 who initially told me about this last week!

42 thoughts on “Club Penguin Removes Puffle Launch from the App Store (Further Details Provided By Spike Hike)

    • I fully agree with you! For so do that not usually buy more levels of games, I knew something would happen! Spike Hike hate this fool!

      • Why would you want your money back because they removed it? It’s not like they suddenly started giving it out for free to everybody.

  1. I totally agree!!! I really liked this app. Also: FIRST THE TAKEOVERS, NOW THIS!? While i do apricciate the comment from spike hike ( that said that they would try to space them out, and not do them all in a row).I must say that the Star Wars Takeover is one too many, but they were nice.
    Not awesome, but nice.
    P.S: I really liked the music jam, April fools, earth day, and the adventure party! CP! BRING THEM BACK! They didn’t do about 1/3 of your original parties, and I enjoyed these parties a whole lot. WHY CP WHY?!!!
    R.I.P old original parties, and old cp)) >:(

  2. Train,
    If you’ve already downloaded the app you can re-download it by going into ‘purchases’


    • Someone else told me that too but oddly enough I didn’t see it so I didn’t include that in the post. Oh well. Thanks for the tip. ;P

  3. Don’t blame this on Spike Hike. He is just one small, insignifigant member of the large Club Penguin crew. He doesn’t order people around, making his employees do whatever he pleases.
    With that said, I hope this means My Penguin for Android phones.

  4. It is probably for something important. They wouldn’t just do it for no reason.
    P.S Train did you get my email about the newspaper pics?

  5. I actually noticed this about two weeks ago, but never got around to telling you. Maybe I should stop being lazy…

  6. They’ll probably put it with My Penguin.

    This is still a bit out of nowhere though. Granted I never bought the app, I just wonder if the people who did will get a refund.

  7. Why only spike hike? don´t blame all the things like this in him, is unfair for he, he isn´t who make the game, hes only a moderator, so thing firts guys… I think this is very odd, but they can´t remove the app for us, I´ve already bought it, and the app is full. Why remove it?

  8. Hey guys, its true that we did remove the Puffle Launch app from the App Store. It was our first attempt at making apps for mobile. It was a really good game on the iPad, but was just too hard on iPhone. We’ve learned a lot since then and are using on an all-new game technology now so at some point we had to stop supporting the old game.

    No promises yet but I expect we will be seeing Puffle Launch back on mobile – and new and improved – in the not too distant future. We recently hired the guy who over saw all the hit Where’s My Water games as well the Club Penguin DS and Wii games to head up our mobile push including My Penguin. He and the team are working on some really amazing things that you will get to see VERY SOON – including a reboost of an old Penguin classic game. I’m sorry if some of you are disappointed to see Puffle Launch go away for now, but I promise we have great things in store. So as always….

    Waddle on!


    • Sweet! Where’s My Water is a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing what else the team is planning. I agree, Puffle Launch is a bit difficult on the iPhone and iPod. I’ve never tried it on the iPad but I can imagine the bigger screen making things soooo much easier. :p

    • And I was only going to download that…! It doesn’t matter a huge deal anyway, and I’m now highly excited to see what’s in store from the Club Penguin Team!

    • Sweet! I hope my pinguin in Android. My mom want to buy me a tablet for leaving 6 grade! hujooo! If you guys put a better Puffle Launch app again in the future, we´ll have to buy it again? I dont want to buy it again. I saw the MU Takeover trailer in spanish 3 minutes ago, I have see it like 3 times, they put it on Nickelodeon too.

  9. Spike, The Club Penguin Support representatives are being really Friendly now, please tell them thank-you for there kindness. ;)

    Oh Yeah, And coolpool79 loves you trainman :P

  10. I really hope Club Penguin makes more DS/3DS and more Wii/Wii U games. :D I’d Totally get them :D

    (I hope :p)

    • Yeah, me too. I really want an updated version of the Elite Penguin Force DS game, with the new graphics, new room designs, new clothes, and more games.

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