Club Penguin Magazine Issue 20 Released

Club Penguin’s 20th magazine issue is now available in the UK! Here is everything provided to me by Bloxxerman.


The table of contents for this issue:

  • New Puffle Actions
  • The Really Wise Words of Sensei
  • C.P.T.V.
  • Fashion 4 U: Circus Style!
  • Invitation: Star Wars Takeover
  • Penguin Comic: Captain Redbeard’s Treasure
  • Rookie’s Random Outfits
  • Star Wars Takeover: Save the Galaxy! (nothing we don’t already know)
  • Penguin Challenge: Rookie’s Random Puzzles
  • Prize Booth
  • Rookiepedia: J
  • Cool Cribs
  • Posters (both Star Wars ones)
  • Penguin Challenge: Fashion Police
  • PH Planet
  • Penguin Challenge: Punchline Puzzles
  • Penguin Comic: Pack Napped!
  • Ask Aunt Arctic
  • VIP: Fatgoh
  • Next Issue: Free Parachute Penguin! Back to School Special! 3 Free items: Vintage Bundle for every reader. Plus 1500 coins for every reader. Issue 21 is on sale August 22nd!
  • Back Cover: A Snow Ninja poster

This month’s items:


Here is the Vintage Bundle of items coming with next month’s issue. There is the Desk furniture item and the Backpack and Yellow Hoodie clothing items. It is rumoured that next month’s party is a Teen Beach Movie Takeover, and interestingly enough that movie is referred to as “vintage” in some articles about the movie because it takes place in the 1960’s…and this bundle is referred to as the Vintage Bundle. Coincidence or is it really a Teen Beach Movie Takeover next month? I guess we will find out for sure soon.


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21 thoughts on “Club Penguin Magazine Issue 20 Released

  1. I wish they would stop releasing “vintage” items in the magazine that half of us have got already….

  2. Train train did you know if click on the other planets in the Star Wars party you can see wich items they are going to give you. Please respond !!!!


  3. Darn, you just made the post before me. Oh well, here’s the info anyway:

    Here is some info from the new CPMagazine (Issue 20):

    Page 1 – Front Cover
    Page 2 – Monsters University Sticker Collection Advert
    Page 3 – Welcome!
    Page 4 – Club Penguin Times
    Page 5 – C.P.T.V!, Fashion 4 U, Other Info
    Pages 6, 7 + 8 – ‘Captain Redbeard’s Treasure’ Comic Part 1
    Page 9 – Rookie’s Random Outfits
    Pages 10 + 11 – Star Wars Takeover
    Pages 12 + 13 – Rookie’s Random Puzzles!
    Page 14 – Prize Booth
    Page 15 – Rookiepedia
    Page 16 – Cool Cribs
    Pages 17, 18, 19 + 20 – Double-sided Poster
    Pages 21, 22 + 23 – ‘Captain Redbeard’s Treasure’ Comic Part 2
    Pages 24 + 25 – Fashion Police!
    Page 26 – PH Planet
    Page 27 – “Teen Beach Movie” Advert
    Pages 28 + 29 – Punch Line Puzzles!
    Page 30 – ‘Pack Napped’ Comic
    Page 31 – Subscribe Today!
    Pages 32 + 33 – Ask Rookie
    Page 34 – V.I.P.
    Page 35 – Answers, Credits, Next Issue…
    Page 36 – Back Cover

    Images: – Code – 7 Day Membership – Puffle Thrower – Front Cover

  4. They don’t air Teen Beach Movie on my country yet, but many of my friends said that the movie was horrible and stupid, and even seeing the trailer, for me, it is simply stupid. Please no Teen Beach Movie Takeover…Over 9000 would quit CP.

    • Hey, I saw Teen Beach Movie. I am a 14 year old boy. It is really good! Don’t stereotype Disney Channel Original Movies as for girls. Because not all of them are! Sure, you may dislike the party, but give the movie a chance before judging the party. Be thankful that we are getting a beach/summer party, even if it is going to be sponsered.

    • I don’t like the movie takeovers such as MU and SW (though I’m having second thoughts about it, so epic!), but I wouldn’t quit. I extremely dislike this movie, because it seems like a movie some girl will watch and scream of joy every five seconds, but I’m not quitting. I’m just leaving for two weeks while the party is on.

    • Guys… really? It’s just people in swimsuits. You can put that in club penguin easily. Just the costumes, not like, transforming into a human XD

  5. I really dont like that CP is giving away “free items” that are “rare” FOR THE UK! :*(
    i need a hoodie!

  6. I saw behind the scenes of Teen Beach Movie it was pretty good when i was about to see a movie and it’s about this girl and guy surfing until they get inside a movie the plot is great disney! Keep up the good movie ;)


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