Boba Fett Costume For Members In My Penguin App

Club Penguin’s My Penguin catalogue has received an update! I’ll update this post with full pictures of it shortly, but in the meantime on Club Penguin’s homepage you’ll see a slide advertising the special Boba Fett costume for members. It’s a limited time iPad exclusive that’s available until August 13th when the party ends.


I am not getting anyone the items so please do not ask me.

Thanks Lenny Thai!

The following page has been updated:

28 thoughts on “Boba Fett Costume For Members In My Penguin App

  1. Why CP? Make a android tablets app if you listen us, will be very cool and my mom want to buy me a tablet, I think everybody want a android app like me, so pleaee listen!!!

  2. I was trying to download it on iPad 1, but when I went to the applications tab it didn’t say “clubpengiun” I tried doing it about 8 times and it never worked

  3. train my dad is getting an ipad and i want to download my penguin so what do you mean by a pass plz answer i want to know.

  4. This is why I get frustrated with Disney, Club Penguin (and sometimes even Nintendo). That costume is only available to people who have an iPad (“that’s fair because everyone has an iPad, right?”). I don’t even have a cell phone let alone an iPod! Then on top of that different countries get different things. Obviously the languages are different but the products don’t have to be. English CP Mags are currently only available in the UK (“because that’s where all the English speaking people are, right?”) I live in Canada, where CP started. Since I like to play video games, every once in a while I e-mail CP Support and ask if there are any new CP games coming to the Wii/3DS/Wii U. I can’t buy Puffles for the rest of my life, I need other products to buy.

  5. It’s not here yet. The app hasn’t got any new updates, and even so it’s not in the catalogue at all. I think it may be released with the star wars party on july 25th

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