Trainman1405 In Real Life: Who Is Really Behind The Mask

A lot of you know me as Devin or Trainman1405 the penguin. But who am I in real life? From time to time I’ve posted about my personal life answering questions, showing what it is I do, but one thing I have not done until now is show who I am. I’ve answered some questions about my appearance but have never shown myself…and that is changing now. Many of you know me as the red penguin in the Red Suede Jacket, the Blue Lei, Black Mask, First Year Party Hat, and Sandals. This:

Photo on 6-21-13 at 12.51 AM #2

Who is behind that virtual penguin player? This guy. This, everyone, is Trainman1405 (me!) in real life. I’m just an average 18 year old dude who enjoys playing Club Penguin.

Photo on 6-21-13 at 12.54 AM

I’ve grown a lot. Here’s 7 month old me dressed up as a train engineer next to current me:

Photo on 6-21-13 at 1.05 AM

Pretty cool, right? Now you know the secret of Trainman1405 in real life. Shh… ;-)

189 thoughts on “Trainman1405 In Real Life: Who Is Really Behind The Mask

  1. I cant believe it that you decided to show who you are… I could never ever do that!!! I think you showed as really who is behind the mask. I mean, I can see a 18 yeared old person who just like to be always himself! Am I right? And for the baby Devin, SO CUTE! LOL!
    -Pen Quen22 :)

  2. Happy birthday!
    May your wishes come true!
    May you stuff your face with cake!
    May you smile wide on a day like this :)
    I need to send you something but I forgotten the email address..
    I’m going to draw you something :)
    Happy birthday!
    But don’t get too old on us now.
    I hope you have the best birthday ever ^_^

  3. Wow! I never thought that you would reveal your face before you quit. You aren’t quitting anytime soon right?

  4. You look like a strange, skinny, American version of Harry Styles from One Direction. Trust me, it’s a good thing….

  5. You are so cool even now and before! And I like the fact that you are not too shy to show your real face, like me… I am too shy to show off!
    Train on!

  6. I think you’ve shared lots of funny faces like the “Ducky” and “Angry” faces and your self listening to music while waiting for CP to update during last year’s (2012) adventure party template of fruits! :P

  7. Your look looks like your a Club Penguin employee lol. Plus, nice cutout of your penguin, and Club Penguin items! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  8. Not bad. I thought you had some other colored hair than golden but it still looks nice. Nice to see you in real life.

  9. Adorable Trainman Jr. :P Btw, Happy Birthday! Careful – I might have set up a few pies in your room… they may go flying at you…. >:D

  10. Wait how come you were still called TrainMAN when you were a baby? You should be TrainBABY instead. Hi Trainbaby! :P

    By the way, I think you seem similar to someone I know in real life. I dont remember well but I think it was one of my dads friends

  11. O-o now we all know who you look like and like i said before you might accidently show your face and now some pictures are wrong that they said y– <— NOT TELLING
    this gives idea for me to draw BWA HA AH AH ^^ im just kidding or ^-^ i'll send a link in a comment later if im not busy

  12. Happy birthday Devin! :p you’re a cool guy, and tomorrow your party, can you go to my igloo pls? Help me to win the stamp. You rock Trainman.

      • train, I said you happy birthday but you didn´t aprobate my comment. I will paste it:Happy birthday Devin! :p you’re a cool guy, and tomorrow your party, can you go to my igloo pls? Help me to win the stamp. You rock Trainman.

  13. Quick question: Have you ever seen the universe in a blue phone box. Because you look really similiar to the 10th doctor in my opinion.

  14. It looks like you are already old enough to become a club penguin “Train-ee’ XD
    But still, I am finally glad that we can finally see your epic face!

  15. Hey trainman when did you start this site. I only found out about it when I started club penguin at exactly nine years of age (aka 3rd July 2010)

    • I made the original CP Memories in December 2007. This one I started in October 2010 and released January 2011.

  16. You exactly look like a very popular Minecraft Youtuber, Sky Does Minecraft! LOL if you want to go to his Twitter to see his face it is @SkyDoesMinecraf and if you search him on Youtube you can see his videos :p

    Devin, Thank you for 2 years of this AMAZING blog. Now that you are an adult you should enter for a CP job.
    Have a great rest of your life

  18. Nice! You look exactly how I pictured you except with brown eyes. How did you just come out with it though? That’s really cool! I wish more bloggers like saraapril would do this. I might..soon..

  19. You’re pretty old for club penguin, but I’m guessing you’re making quite a lot of money off adsense etc, so good luck with your career of being an entrepreneur!

      • Oh, but you are obviously making a little bit… Right? You should benefit from all the hard work and effort you put into making your website look good and having all these people viewing it. Either way I would. But I can see you’re really happy what you’re doing, so good luck in the future.

        • A little bit, yes. Whatever I earn I just keep in my bank account, maybe buying a little something from time to time. Thanks for the kind words!

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