Spike Saturday Will Be Tomorrow (Spike Sunday)

Today’s Spike Saturday has been postponed for tomorrow! He did not say why or what time it will be at. This is just a quick informative post for those who are waiting for Spike Saturday and do not have a Twitter account.

Have fun tomorrow! I’m 100% for sure going next week! I’ll also be having a party next weekend myself…stay tuned for details on that!

30 thoughts on “Spike Saturday Will Be Tomorrow (Spike Sunday)

  1. I know which party you will be holding Train! You will hold a Birthday Party since your B-Day is June 21 (Start of Summer O_O). And this time you will turn 18 YEARS OLD :D

  2. A party? great! i have met Polo, Ninja, Tour Guide, Moose, Spike Hike, Perapin, Saraapril, all mascots (except PB), PSY, Lady GaGa, Rocky, CeCe, Nicky Minaj, Field,German Garmendia, Herbert, and now The Next Is You!!!

  3. Trainman are you going to work for club penguin since your turning 18 or have you changed your mind and are not going to work for them? i’m just asking, not being rude. It would be cool it you did work for them though

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