Rainbow Puffle On Disney Channel (Updated)

Sometimes when watching Disney Channel a quick 10 second segment featuring the Rainbow Puffle appears! It’s a transition to more or less say “you’re watching Disney Channel” right before a show starts. It’s not on all of the time, but because it first appeared on TV over a month and a half ago you may have already seen it on television yourself.

UPDATE: I recorded a 720p version! Here’s what it looks like:

Thanks to Moneydude8 for originally telling me about this.

12 thoughts on “Rainbow Puffle On Disney Channel (Updated)

  1. Oh Cool! What that don´t like, was that the feet of she penguin are being bricks!

  2. Eu odeio Pico caminhada! Com este vídeo no Disney Channel, faz com que alguns pensam que existem uma série de Club Penguin no canal! > :/

    • Nah I knew but I just never got around recording it until a few weeks back and now I finally posted it. :P

  3. There used to be another one where it showed jrtpack guy and a green puffle flying in the sky and going towards a cloud..making the Disney Channel logo..I think that was a year ago.

  4. I have seen that! My friend thought decided to shout “OMG I SAW A RAINBOW PUFFLE ON DISNEY CHANNEL!!!” to the world.

  5. Hey guys, i saw penguins with strange monster outfits and its from the code, so ill tell you.It is [REMOVED] . Glad to help :) -Phillipok

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