Polo Field’s Terrible Remix of The Party Starts Now

Check out Polo Field’s terrible remix of The Party Starts Now! (hey, it was his words not mine!)

The video:

Erm…weird…very…weird. O.O He also has a YouTube channel, with the username being FakePoloField. Lol!

39 thoughts on “Polo Field’s Terrible Remix of The Party Starts Now

  1. Hey Train! Look At the Ninja Catalog and the White Gi is available for non-members! Is it a bug? Please respond soon. :)

  2. I gotta say, even if he says its terrible and with how smooth it repeats, if he would tweak with the song some more, I bet he could make a Deep House Remix of Party starts now. A Daft Punk-like mix would be awesome.

  3. that Polo field just ruin old CP without any reason and mess up with the Cadence song
    “Party Starts Now” POLO IS MEAN.. I hate his jokes . I hate Disney.. I hate those freakin party..I hate everything is new IN clubpenguin …

    • i do too, i pretty hate this song, lets dislike the video! (expect its from trainman1405, if so, dont do it)

  4. ANNOYING,but BWAHAHA AH HA!!,not type of person to this but almost said shu <— NOT CONTINUING,almost said OMG wha tha fish sticks
    – Shera54321

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