Free Monsters University Percy Costume For SkyTV Customers

Before the party started a new unlockable Percy (Team Jox) costume was found. Spike Hike was also seen wearing it. How is it unlocked? It is for those subscribed to Sky in the UK as some sort of promotion. As a result I am not posting the code here or approving any comments containing it – so don’t bother.


Here’s what it says on Sky’s website:

This summer, Club Penguin is launching the first ever Scare Games during the Disney Pixar Monsters University Takeover.

And as a Sky TV customer, you can help your kids get ready to scare in style with an exclusive free virtual monster costume for their penguin.

In the Scare Games, kids can join one of the four rival teams, OK, JOX, ROR and PNK, to compete for a fur-raising trophy, roaring, growling and scaring their way to first place.

Join in the fun with your children at from 27 June to 9 July.

A free Club Penguin account is required to access the party and redeem the free virtual costume but some features may require paid membership.
Click for more details 
Sky Rewards Terms and Conditions

Customers can get their free Club Penguin Monsters University virtual costume from 27 June until 11.59pm on 25 July 2012.

You click “click for more details”, log in, and get the code. From the details page, here are the full instructions:

To enter this promotion and get a free, exclusive Monsters University virtual costume for your child, all you need to do is take note of the promotional code on the Sky Rewards Disney Club Penguin page and complete the online entry form by checking that your email details are correct and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the promotion. You will then be directed to the Club Penguin website where you will be able to login/create a free account before entering the promotional code to redeem your free virtual costume.

SkyTV is available in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

On one final note, here is a noteworthy highlight from the Terms and Conditions:

11. Emailing of codes, distribution of personal login details and passwords is strictly prohibited. Anyone found to be in violation of this rule may be barred from using the Sky Rewards site and/or Club Penguin website.

The following page has been updated:

179 thoughts on “Free Monsters University Percy Costume For SkyTV Customers

  1. Lol, thats juat wrong how many comments I have bumped into under 30 seconds on this website of people revealing the code even if Train specifically mentions in his statements that he will not be “…approving any comments containing codes”.

        June 28, 2013 at 5:06 pm
        train just tell me the code or else i will never come back to this website please

        • I specifically said I’m not telling the code. If they never want to come back to this website I am fine with that, that’s their choice not mine.

  2. its so funny to read the comments and see people trying to reveal the code, but Train keeps removing it, you’d think they’d read and not even try. haha

  3. Is Everyone enjoying the Disneymu party so far? I already got the code.. I am really liking it so far how about you train?

    • Because technically you need to be a paid Sky subscriber to get the code. There’s other places to find it but I am not mentioning where. If Club Penguin publicly says the code I’ll update this post with it.

  4. Walt DISNEY Studios is amazing for making the Monster’s University (also known as MU) Takeover. Oh, and you’re welcome. ;)

  5. Did you guys see the movie?
    I loved it,it was funny
    So,Train,what’s your favorite 2013 party?
    Now,I like the Marvel party.
    Even my friends agree.
    You should choose too.
    Monsters University Party is awesome
    Universities are fun to go to as well.

  6. I got the costume anyway before you guys said it was [REMOVED]. What’s up with that biz??

  7. Wow! I adore the SkyTV! Now more yet because are doing Advertisement CP! And on Brazil have SkyTV! And is my TV á cabe favorite!

    • Dude,I’m also from Brazil and I have the ”Sky” your talking about.But the Sky on the England is different from the Sky on Brazil,they are different companies.

  8. GUYS!!!
    If he does not want to publish the code you should NOT be trying to sneak it on here in your comments.
    For one thing it’s EXTREMELY rude to someone who writes something we all like to read – for another are you trying to get him to quit writing his blog?
    There are lots of places you can find out what it is.

  9. I love DISNEY Pixar so much for doing the prequel of Monsters Inc. which is MU! I love the movie so much. It is now my favorite DISNEY Pixar ever…Monsters University! (Also known as MU) :) (Really, its my favorite Pixar movie ever now)

  10. The name of the company who owns CP, the first letter of spaghetti’s companion, and the first letter of something that keeps your head dry on a rainy day.

    • DANG IT I though I got it…
      Hey, anyone going to DISNEY hollywood stuidos this summer IT IS AWESOME!!!! And anyone seen MU yet?
      [edited by trainman – hi ;)]


  11. The code is [REMOVED], I did that by myself :P But Ihop everyone’s enjoying the DISNEY
    Monster’s University (MU) Takeover :P
    Has the letters MU in it!!

  12. Everyone just go to Club Penguin Codes 2013. And fyi trainman, if you take this out you will be trying to prove that your the best and you don’t like advertising new websites because penguins might like it, but if you remove it, no one will have the chance to find new websites. At Club Penguin Codes 2013 they have all the codes that ever existed. They have codes for money and items, so if you aren’t a member, you can get lots of items! And if you are a member, you can get up to like 5,000 coins if you never went to the website.

  13. Train, I just saw it on Poonche’s video can i use it?, its reusable but i don’t want to get banned.

  14. Ugh, I dont know why CP keeps making codes that can be used by many. Of course its going to end up in the “Flippers” of “Penguins” that don’t meet the requirements to have the code.

    Most of the Penguins I have seen with this Percy Costume don’t even know what on earth SkyTV is. :l

  15. The code is [REMOVED].
    Hehehe…Train didn’t type in removed…
    I did… hehehe… out of boredom… ;)

  16. Hola, si el código nose, solo se que [REMOVED], me gusta la película [REMOVED], el que entendio entendio, hola sigo la pagina

    • :/ pero porque me aparece removed osea tah que se yo, Disney Club Penguin MU me encanto, la mejor de todas jjajajajajjajaaja, tah nose quieten el club penguin y se dan cuenta de algo especial

  17. Hey Trainman1405,i was wondering,u always buy accessories for your penguin but u never wear them,i always see your penguin wearing the jacket,ninja mask,and party hat.

  18. It’s funny how penguins are asking you if you enjoyed the [REMOVED] party in every comments, eh Trainman?

    You can see ‘Hey Train, did you enjoy the [REMOVED] party?’ in almost every comments.

    So… are you enjoying the [REMOVED] party, Train? Eh? :P

  19. Everyone stop share the code it’s not your website it’s trainman’s website and I’m sorry trainman for share the code

    -zezo 2001 Twitter:@cpzezo2001



  22. But almost all of the bloggers and Twitter users shared the codes, they are not banned and I bet you’re lying that you don’t have the costume. :P PS: Why will you post this if you don’t want the code to be shared? :/

  23. Jeez people! Why do you keep posting the code if Train specifically told you all he wouldn’t except comments with the code in! And SkyTV haven’t done a very good job of keeping the code a secret, firstly they said the item is limited to one per subscription. That failed, the code is reusable. Secondly, CP Support have already told me the code through e-mail, so SkyTV aren’t distributing a exclusive item at all. Oh and BTW I have VirginTV, but still have the item.
    Waddle on,

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