Federflink1 Meetup On Thursday, June 13

Club Penguin’s German blogger, Federflink1, will be having a meetup on Club Penguin this Thursday! Unlike Loustik005, he gave all of the meetup’s information. The meetup is this Thursday at 5:15 PM Central European Time. That translates to 4:15 PM in the UK, 11:15 AM EST, and 8:15 AM PST. They will be meeting up in the Town on the server Handschuhe. The activities planned are tipping the iceberg, playing soccer, eating pizza, and putting on a play at the Stage.


I will not be at this meetup. If you go, have fun! (and if you don’t speak German, good luck figuring out what is being said! :P)

5 thoughts on “Federflink1 Meetup On Thursday, June 13

  1. It is ok google translate is here for m1
    But the problem is that Federflink1 spoke to me and I didn t answer because I didn t know what about he was talking I just smiled
    If he was saying Mega are you crazy so I don t know what I will do

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