Club Penguin Scare Games Scare Meter Sneak Peek

Polo Field accidentally(?) tweeted a small Scare Games sneak peek! He posted a picture of my igloo to Twitter. I looked at it and saw a weird icon under the igloo likes bar. Check it out:


I had no idea what it was but FroBro98 did! It’s the Scream Meter from Monsters University!

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 3.53.25 PM

With that said, it’s probably our progress meter during the Monsters University Takeover’s Scare Games. The party starts next Thursday, June 27th!

28 thoughts on “Club Penguin Scare Games Scare Meter Sneak Peek

  1. Train im so srry I couldn’t make I was in school and I think that polo tweeted that as a gift cause you are a blogger and if you saw that then he knew you would blog about it! its polos gift! and my gift is I invite you to my iggy to celebrate as long as its sunday or saterday lol

  2. Train!!! is it true that item digging is available cos I emailed CP about some issues in the game where my puffle wont dig at all etc and they said have you found any icy cool items yet? If you wany proof I can post a pic in the next comment with a support staff asking that.

  3. Train, the name is actually the scare can. below the likes button is the meter of how much you scare. Remember, when monsters scare, they care. ;)

  4. I just came back from watching Monsters University. Really good movie. I’m not going to give anything away, but Sully and Mike will get trapped somewhere they’d never want to go…

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