Club Penguin Monster’s University Takeover Sneak Peek Video

Not too long ago Club Penguin uploaded the Monsters University Takeover trailer video to YouTube. Here is the actual party sneak peek video! It shows different team members scaring one another in the scare games. It looks like it’s going to be a fun party! The video:

One thing I noticed is that it says “features shown require paid membership” during the WHOLE video. Does that mean everything is members only? In past videos it would say “Some features require paid membership”.

Are you looking forward to the party? What team are you on? I am on Team OK!

58 thoughts on “Club Penguin Monster’s University Takeover Sneak Peek Video

  1. Me also trainman1405
    Team O.K.
    Make me feel ok!!!
    Could you send me a postcard plz
    Meet me on server polar bear 23rd June time 4am penguin standard time

  2. I think that non-members will have a different purpose to frighten, but scares away!!

    PS: I’m Team OK!!

  3. I think that non-members will have a different purpose to frighten, but scares away!!

    PS: I’m Team OK!!

  4. I went to see the movie a half of hour ago and its great! Good job pixar, also I saw a new Disney´s short, is about 2 umbrellas, 1 blue and 1 red and…

  5. I’m in team OK! And it looks like Chattabox is back! This is gonna be such an awesome party! :D (the only thing I don’t like is it is an advertising party and it might be unfair to non-members).

  6. Im keeping the party a surprise, so this time Im not watching the sneak-peak. Even though I really want to…

  7. No , This party look alike the Hollywood Party in way back february. which it could means we need to scared penguins just like we taking some pictures of members In Club Penguin. This party is only Members only I guess :(

    • I’ve been wondering about the ‘features shown require paid memebership’ and I think that maybe Club Penguin is getting ready for something biiig! I also feel bad, because I’m a memeber… :/

  8. Hey Train,
    I Suggested The Star Wars Takeover Last Year,
    I E-mailed them,
    But Strangely I Cant Find It In In My Email :-/

  9. I think the’ features shown for members only’ is the scaring part, like at Halloween when only members could scare and turn into monsters.

  10. If it is for members only I will be very angry, the non-members are important too, because, in the future they could be members but If the things are for members, the non-members will quite, and they don’t going to be members because they don’t play CP anymore.
    We have to wait… wait this don’t be for members only.
    PD: Non-mebers = we, I’m a non-member.

  11. The CJ party also said “features shown requires a paid membership” and tell me, what was for members only in that party excluding the few suits and the cards? :P also that there was no member only rooms since The Fair 2012 (excluding puffle party 2013)

  12. I continue to ponder whether Ninja is a true ninja. If my eyes didn’t deceive me, Ninja didn’t even have on a ninja mask. It was a black mask! :O I am not sure Sensei would be proud of such an imposter.

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