The Making of Mech Mice, Rsnail’s New Upcoming Game

While I do realise this is a Club Penguin blog, I wanted to show off Mech Mice, a game some former Club Penguin employees are working on!

For those of you unfamiliar with Mech Mice and what it is, two of the Club Penguin founders, Rsnail and Screenhog, left Club Penguin in or around October 2010. Their goal overtime, with the help of others, was to create an online mutliplayer tactical war strategy game. Even before making Club Penguin Rsnail had wanted to create a war game, but decided to put a hold on that. Once leaving Club Penguin and wanting to do something new though, he felt like it was the perfect time. Since then, he and other employees of Rocketsnail/Hyper Hippo Games have been hard at work developing the game. Other former Club Penguin employees have hopped on board too, such as Businesmoose. The game is set to go into beta later this year. Today a neat behind the scenes making of the game video was uploaded, and since it comes from those behind Club Penguin I figured some of you might be interested in it. If you watch it, watch the whole thing…there’s an unexpected funny moment!

Since I’m sure I’ll be asked it here like I have been asked on Twitter, no I do not plan to make a Mech Mice blog. Maybe that will change in the future, but for now I’ll just stick to a small post about Mech Mice from time to time, like when the beta is released. The game sure seems very promising and fun!

22 thoughts on “The Making of Mech Mice, Rsnail’s New Upcoming Game

  1. Train, new update (please give credit if posted) when you make a new account on cp on the screen where it asks what type of chat you want (the activation) under it there is a new option that says and I quote, “Yes! I’d like the opportunity for my child to be selected for a trial membership in the next 30 days.”

  2. Now found out that most penguins no longer like the CP after 2010! Why Rsnail helped in the excitement of the game, as the battles, I bet he had the idea of ​​putting challenges nojogo struggles, as the attack on the slab EPF Herbert, battle with the hydra in Medieval Feast, etc.. So now without it the CP lost emotion in my opinion. And you Train, agrees :P ?

    sorry for some mistakes on the ceiling. Is that google did not translate right.

    • Yep, saw that when they launched the new site design yesterday. On July 9th I’ll be posting about that here. :)

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