Summer Party/Music Jam Combo Party Coming Soon!

Ever since the announcement of there being three new parties this Summer, many penguins have been going “what about the music jam?!” And “will we ever have a summer party again?!” Details are scarce, but check out this tweet from Spike Hike! It’s teasing that there will be a Summer Party with music soon, which is basically a fusion of the two parties!

What do you think is planned? Some sort of summer music festival? That’d be cool!

57 thoughts on “Summer Party/Music Jam Combo Party Coming Soon!

  1. Pheww… I thought that CP wouldn’t do the Music Jam or the Summer Party again! My favourite parties in one? So awesomely cool!!!! :D Oh and I’m happy that your site isn’t down anymore :)

        • Yup – it will be pretty silly if you have a Summer Party in Winter – LOL! Not as bad as Bin Weevils, I heard they released a song called Christmas Every Day on Tuesday!

  2. Dont you mean 2 DAYS of school left? Well atleast where I live. Also there will be a Medievil party 2013 it said at Club Penguin Summit so dont get too worried.

  3. Maybe the party would maybe have things such as water slides with radios taped to the
    water slide! I also think that there might be an aqua puffle! I’ll email CP about this ;).

    • I hope the Penguin Band come! I got their stamps but I was too excited and forgot to add them an get their Background! LOL – I won’t make that mistake again!

      • But wait, isn’t it Winter in some areas? Isn’t that why they cancelled the party in the first place? Oh, I hope they don’t give away the next party. I’m so excited now, I can barely wait!

  4. School is the same number of days everywhere, but starts and ends on different dates.
    Our last day is June 14th.
    Never seen a summer party, I love the pictures from the old ones.

  5. I’ll just be relaxing and playing Club Penguin for a while. :) Btw any chance you have any waffles Trainman???

  6. No, Camp Rock would only be a 10% because it’s not new. Also it’s a Disney channel movie and they can only do regular Disney movies.

  7. Wow i first said CP is ruined because of no music jam…but as soon i read this, I AM HAPPY. They hadn’t had a summer party since 2007 because the south has the winter. it will be kinda weird for them though haha :P SO EXITED FOR SUMMER/MUSIC PARTY!! :D OLD CP! OLD CP! OLD CP!

  8. SUMMER PARTY, SUMMER JAM! :D SO EXITED! I thought CP died because no music jam and many penguins will be angry. EXITED! Not exited for Monster Party though :/

  9. And i join club penguin in september 2011 but last year in 2012 it was my first ultimate jam 2012 this party will be WAY EVEN BETTER THAN ULTIMATE JAM! Im ready to rock my songs btw i will have a summer music jam countdown party at the dance club and the snow forts i cant wait for this party
    it will start at 7:00pm-12:00am on music jam eve and on music jam night i will throw a biggiest concert ever at the dock on server ice cold at 6:00pmPst

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