New Puffle Membership and Item Cards

A few weeks I ago I posted about some new Club Penguin membership cards. Since then another new one has been found, along with new item unlocking cards!

This membership (the one on the left) is a 6 month membership. The membership on the left unlocks the Puffle Tree Fort igloo, a Puffle, 3 Puffle Igloo items (Puffle Table, Puffle Swing, and Puffle Lights) and 2 Puffle Items. (Puffle Sweater and Puffle Hat) Basically the same thing as the limited edition Marvel membership in the previous post I made about memberships. The 3 month membership (on the right) does not unlock anything. Special thanks to Tiburon120 for letting me use his image!


The second thing are item cards found at Walmart. As you can see, for $3 you can buy a code to unlock the Comm Headset or Snow Launcher. (no membership comes with the code) Both of these items do a special dance when worn in game. Special thanks to Crazytiger54 for the image and Lenny Thai for notifying me about it!


28 thoughts on “New Puffle Membership and Item Cards

    • The code for the item cards only has a code to unlock the item. It’s not a membership that unlocks exclusive items.

  1. …. that’s so fair i spent a lot of money to get the launcher then cp releases it for $3… i like the idea of paid items though, and do they sell the treehouse one in the U.S.?

  2. I see penguins asking me if I can tell them where they can find the items. At first, I didnt know but I do now!

  3. You should have a giveaway to the people on this very website Trainman1405 and who ever wins the giveaway gets to meet you and Poonchee

  4. I dont understand. I just got a message from Director saying quote “All agents – upon completion of this weeks field op, please take some time out to enjoy the Holiday Party, and help out with Coins For Change.” Does this mean that we are having a early Holiday Party or we r having another Holiday Party…? I am very confused

  5. You said the card on the right doesn’t unlock anything. Well, I got a card a few days ago (it looks just like it) and it unlocks everything the card on the left unlocks, except 10,000 coins. I could scan my card if you’d like. Email me if you want me to.

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