New Club Penguin Newsletter Promotes Card-Jitsu Snow

Club Penguin has sent out a small parent update about Card-Jitsu Snow. (as if they haven’t promoted it enough on their site for us to see?! :P) It’s titled “New Club  Penguin Game!”. There’s nothing important on it other than highlighting the fact that the game is now out and members can buy more cards.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 10.04.38 PM

Join the Battle to Master Snow!

Brave penguins are needed to master Card-Jitsu Snow,
the newest ninja game, out now!

Members can power up with more cards!

Everyone can unite in battle, and members can get additional Power Cards to boost their skills. Prepare for victory!

If you are not subscribed to Club Penguin’s emails and want to be you can do so from the parent account settings or emailing asking to be signed up.

3 thoughts on “New Club Penguin Newsletter Promotes Card-Jitsu Snow

  1. When I logged in today the login screen said ‘BRB! We’re updating stuff behind the scenes. Come back later’ but it is Friday so… what could CP be doing?

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