My Penguin Confirmed To Be On Android

It is the eve of the My Penguin application launch, and I have a little more information about it! A website called Straight wrote a small article about Club Penguin, mentioning their mobile plans amongst other things. Take a look at the following two paragraphs:


So, assuming the article is correct (but they said My Penguin was coming this summer  when it’s coming out tomorrow…) my Penguin will definitely be coming to Android tablets at some point! It’s also weird how the article is saying My Penguin is for English-speaking penguin accounts, when Club Penguin has been actively promoting the app on the other non-English blogs, like Portuguese, Spanish, and the other two foreign ones.

I guess we’ll know how accurate it is tomorrow. If an Android version is definitely in the works, maybe that’s what is launching this summer?

33 thoughts on “My Penguin Confirmed To Be On Android

  1. Train! Thx so much for posting this! You made me feel a lot better about the my penguin app confirmation to android. I thought this would never come out for android. Will it be avaliable for android 2.2 and higher? This includes android phones too.

  2. I am still wondering if My Penguin is gonna be only for iPad,u know,train?
    I really wonder if its only for iPad,I want it for iPod

  3. Hey Trainman!! Just to clear it up…My Penguin is for iPad 2 and up to start. We had to start somewhere :-) After that we hope to get to iPhone and Android later in the year. We hear everyone and will get there as soon as we can!! If only tech were magic!!

  4. Hey Trainman1405, why this game is not available for PHONES? I can’t afford for an over priced Apple iPad mini nor other iPads. Do you think this will be available to play on phones? There are nice screens around there: 4.8″ Samsung Galaxy S3, 5″ Samsung Galaxy S4 and 5.5″ on Samsung Galaxy Note 2…

    • Club Penguin is working to bring it to other devices in the future. It requires a bigger screen to sow everything.

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