Issue 3 of Club Penguin’s German Magazine Coming June 5th

For those of you living in Germany, Switzerland, or Austria and are waiting for Club Penguin’s third magazine issue, it will be out June 5th! Unlike other countries receiving the magazine in other languages, this one only comes out every two months rather than every four weeks. In a blog post by Federflink1 the other day he announced it will be available starting June 5th. As always the magazine has lots of content inside. For example, here is a page from the upcoming issue:


Now if it just came to North America…

23 thoughts on “Issue 3 of Club Penguin’s German Magazine Coming June 5th

  1. I thought they already had the Puffle Planet page?
    And I’ll be goe for two days for camp soo bye!

  2. Hey I found a new puffle I think because the puffle in PH shoulder is lighter then the original green puffle or its just the paper

  3. Why doesn’t the US have any?! Americans are the ones who play this game more than any other countries. This is so unfair! I really want one :c

  4. I asked CP team about why it doesn’t come to ameraca and they said it’s cuz they want other penguins to have athe fun too and we just have toys of CP and CJ cards O.o

  5. trainman why not send a email to club penguin asking for the cp magazine in north americai cant because i dont have an email

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