Federflink1 Club Penguin Meetup This Thursday! (May 16) (Now Over)

Federflink1, the German Club Penguin Team blogger, is having a meetup this Thursday, May 16th! This meetup will be at 5:15 Central European Time, which is 4:15 PM in the UK. That’s at 11:15 AM on the East Coast of the United States, and at 8:15 AM Penguin Standard Time. Check the Snow Forts clock tower so you know when it is.


The purpose of this Fun With Federflink meetup will be to relax and pamper your Puffles! The meetup server is Handschuhe (a German server, of course) and the meetup room is the Puffle Hotel. Bring your Puffle and wear your favourite outfit!

3 thoughts on “Federflink1 Club Penguin Meetup This Thursday! (May 16) (Now Over)

  1. Seriously? C’MON! Tomorrow I have school while on Friday I don’t. Why does Federflink always does this? I dont have school on Monday in a week and he does it on a TUESDAY when I have school on TUESDAY. In this time, the SAME occasion! Why can’t Federflink do it on FRIDAY? Tell me 1 reason why you can’t do it on FRIDAY Federflink? So I can’t go on your meetups? Even Federflink hates me. Virtual People hate me…*sigh*

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