Club Penguin Snow Dojo Path Sneak Peek

Club Penguin uploaded their Through Mountain Passes igloo music track to SoundCloud, a music website. The song cover has a sneak peek! If you look closely at it, you’ll see the Snow Dojo’s path:


Through Mountain Passes will be the Snow Dojo’s room music. Check out the track here:

25 thoughts on “Club Penguin Snow Dojo Path Sneak Peek

    • Nope. Thats the Dojo. I can tell cause it looks a bit “Insidey.” Plus, you can see Sensei’s flippers. He’s sitting on a pillow, like always. Goodbye, NINJA HQ.

  1. I think the entrance to the Snow Dojo will most likely be in the bottom right hand corner of the dojo, since that’s where all the construction is, there’s no room in the hideout and the mountain is on the completely other side to the hideout…

    • With WordPress you can just paste in the URL and it’ll automatically embed. Or you can just get the SoundCloud embed code.

  2. i think the idea is a bit random, it are just 3 bridges and they all look the same, the path looks boring.

  3. not really cool cuz the ninja hideout will be removed and put all of the elements in the dojo itself. i hate the Disney’s idea to change the clubpenguin rooms these days :(

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