Club Penguin Million Coin Cheat 2013

UPDATE: This has been fixed as of My Penguin 1.1.

A new way to cheat coins has been discovered in the My Penguin app. I am showing off how to do it with the intention that Club Penguin will fix it soon. The one thing I’ve noticed is that if users discover a flaw, it’s much higher priority for that flaw to be fixed when made public rather than kept private. For example, in Summer 2008 a one million coin cheat was discovered with DJ3K. Club Penguin quickly fixed it because penguins were taking advantage of it. Same thing goes for the add anyone cheat in October 2012 – the bug existed for a year, but once many bloggers posted about it, it got fixed a few days later!

I suggest you do not take advantage of this cheat. I will not take responsibility for any bans, if any were to occur. This guide is simply for knowledge. Remember, it is best to earn your coins fairly! I only cheated a few thousand coins for the sake of the video to prove it works. Other than that, I earn all of my coins fair and square. You should too!

Now, to do this cheat to get up to one million coins, you must have an iPad and the My Penguin app! The cheat is inside of the My Penguin iPad app and not on the regular Club Penguin.

To do this cheat, play a game. Any game works – Pufflescape, Puffle Roundup, Puffle Rescue, or Ice Fishing. Play until you lose or you decide to stop playing. As shown in the video, I got 542 coins and had a grand total of 32,158. When it tells you how many coins you’ve earned, hit the home button to close the app. Reopen the app. The popup will then ask something along the lines of “are you sure you want to exit?”. Hit yes and it will go back to the screen telling you how many coins you got. Hit the home button again to close the app, reopen it, repeat. Do it as many times as you’d like. Once you’re done collecting your coins, check your penguin’s coin balance. I started with 31,616 coins and ended with 38,120 coins. 31,616+542 is NOT 38,120, but due to the cheat I kept getting 542 coins each time I closed the app and reopened it.





A special thank-you goes out to ClubPenguinsWorld for making the original video describing this cheat and Pen50gi for bringing the flaw to my attention.

67 thoughts on “Club Penguin Million Coin Cheat 2013

  1. Did you really need to post this? You could have just e-mailed CP (and threatened to post it on your popular blog if they didn’t fix it quickly). This is unfair to penguins like me who spent months trying to earn a million coins.

      • Yes trainman,thanks,he now have 7 million of coins,really bad you never had to post it,i hate u,i dont have it and now he has 7 million,I will report you andy,you have to be banned 4ever youre using it for your advantage,ahhhhhhhhh HATE U!

        • 7,283,120= seven million… two hundred eighty three thousand…. one hundred twenty coins…. ._____.

        • BRO It’s a glitch you don’t need to HATE people! Even this is NOT a hack. It’s a GLITCH.
          So don’t hate people just for this. Trainman shouldn’t even accept your post. Maybe now Andy feels BAD just because of YOU.

        • I used this glitch to get 1,031,672 coins. I then logged into CP online and my player card says 1,000,000. It automatically changed it to 1 million.

    • Deal wit it. I tried to erase that annoying money maker – I dun like cheating, then on the other side, I decided to lie so others wouldn’t be mad. .-.

    • Well at least not yet it’s not but it might be someday in the future. The answer to that question will be revealed once club penguin decides on weather or not to make an iPod/iPod touch version.

  2. I earned 43502 coins in one round of Puffle Rescue on iPad legitly by making it to level 36, Its defintitely rewarding, and with practice, you can get a ton of coins.

    I am passing on this cheat…

    • I’m passing on it too. Sure I did it once just to show it worked, but other than that I have no reason to cheat coins. Hopefully most people have the same idea in mind that I made it public just for it to be fixed quickly, not for the sake of free coins.

      • Congrats for earning a tons of coins fair ans square,cheat o no,is more easy to get a lot of coins fast with my penguin I think.

  3. Hey Train ,some of Club penguin users told to me that taking advantage from the glitch that occur will not get ban because its only a GLITCH

  4. They did not only remove the DJ3K glitch they also removed the tab button all together . The tab button was one of the main ways to do glitches.

  5. AWESOME GLITCH!!! But won’t they have to bring out a new version – instead of version 1.0 it will be 1.0.1? This means that if you never update the app, you can ALWAYS get coins.

  6. I had around 64,000 coins. I got 432 coins by playing Puffle Roundup up to level 10, did the glitch for 5 mins and I ended up with around 132,000 coins!!!!! THANK YOU TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. train,another bug,in the friends list should apparate the location of my friends when connected to the same server as me, instead I get”en el sitio” translation “on site” dunno if is only me.Hope this time you really post a bug of me.
    -Graciosin 44

  8. I have found an easier way – it only works with Pufflescape – to do this. Play every level of Pufflescape and you earn about 1500 coins. Press quit then press the ‘X’ in the top-left corner. Press ‘Yes’ then the ‘X’ again. Keep doing this – you can do it about 6 times a second and in 5 mins you can earn about 3,000,000 coins!!!! It only works with Pufflescape because the ‘X’ button disappears with the other games.

  9. AWESOME GLITCH! I sadly can’t do it though… I’ll beg my friend to let me use her iPad. ;) Then I’ll do it.

  10. I Tried The Glitch And It Works In The New Update! It May Not For You Guys But It Does For Me! :D And When I Go To The Homepage Where My Penguin Is, I Have A Piece Of Sushi There Waiting For Me ;D So It DOES Work Guys!!

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