Club Penguin Magazine Issue 18 – Are We Travelling In July?

Club Penguin’s new magazine issue is available in the United Kingdom! The issue theme this month is a sports special.  As always, a big thanks to Bloxxerman for the pictures and information!

The free items this issue are the Sports Headband, Red Track Jacket, a Weight Lifting Bench, and Water Bottle. The first two items are clothing and the latter who are furniture items. Here’s the table of contents for issue 18:

  • Card-Jitsu Snow Advertisement
  • Rockhopper’s Tall Tales
  • C.P.T.V.
  • Fashion 4 U: Sports Illustrated
  • Invitation: Card-Jitsu Snow
  • Penguin Comic: Home Sweet Home!
  • Cadence’s Catwalk: Get Sporty!
  • Penguin Challenge: CP Cup Final!
  • Snow Trouble: Card-Jitsu Snow Expert Guide
  • Prize Booth
  • Rookiepedia: H
  • Cool Cribs
  • Posters
  • Penguin Challenge: Penguin Games!
  • PH Planet
  • Penguin Challenge: Puzzle Fun Run!
  • Penguin Comic: Tipping the Iceberg!
  • Ask Aunt Arctic
  • VIP: Sim260
  • Next Issue Preview

Here is this issue’s cover:


The 19th issue will be available starting June 27th. It’s a holiday special and comes with the usual 1,500 coins, a treasure book code, and an exclusive item, the Overflowing Suitcase. It also comes with a free Shark Squirter item.

With there being an Overflowing Suitcase item, something came to mind. When Spike Hike teased this Summer’s new parties he said we’ll be going to new worlds and new places. What do you bring with you when you travel someplace? A suitcase! Does this mean we’re going somewhere new on the island in July? Maybe! We’ve got to wait and see…

UPDATE: I’ve received a little bit more information from Bloxxerman. For Cadence’s Catwalk in the magazine the theme is outer space, meaning CP wants magazine readers to send in their space themed costumes to a special email address. So maybe there will be a Star Wars party?


The following page has been updated:

64 thoughts on “Club Penguin Magazine Issue 18 – Are We Travelling In July?

  1. I kind of doubt it is a Star Wars party, since the 7th movie isn’t coming out until Summer 2015 – so they’d probably have the party around then.

    Not trying to upset anyone, but they only seem to have the ad parties around the time the product being advertised is coming out, for example:

    -The Marvel Superhero Takeover 2012 was released not too long after The Avengers premiered.
    -The Ultimate Jam 2012 was released a little while before a Shake It Up tv movie/special on Disney Channel.
    -The Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013 was released before Iron Man 3, which the party was mostly based off of.
    -The Monsters University party is coming out in June, when the new film is.

    So yeah, I doubt it is a Star Wars party. It could still be a space themed party of some sort though.

  2. Yes,star wars,they are doing parties of their movies,and now that disney bougth lucas film,and as a rumor they will “duplicate” the saga(5 more movies=1 by year)is really.

  3. Well, the 7th wont be out till march 2014-september 2014 so there is some chances, though there is a person on CP named Han Solo, so it might be like CECE+ROCKY.

  4. Patrick’s shorts is in the suitcase! So I’m thinking that we will go on an airplane trip, crash in water and see Bikini Bottom! That’s my first theory in July, my second will be like Rockhopper’s quest but we will not sail, we’ll fly around the world!

  5. There are two things that I not understand about Clubpenguin in these days,
    Some of the rare items in way back 2006 , 2007 , 2008 have back and it was an unlockable item in the magazine. Those item like Sports Headband should be rare but its destroying their rarity when it come back. Disney should not make silly parties like Monster University and Marvel Superhero Takeover. Penguins are natural and not created to be a hero or a villain. I just hope CP will closed and rebuild it again but not ruled by those silly disney. (Sorry for writing so long)

    • Does rareness even matter? In my opinion, not really. For example, I don’t wear the first year party hat because it’s rare – I’ve worn it ever since many penguins had it. It goes well with my outfit and it shows that I’ve been a Club Penguin player for a long, long time.

      • Ikr, Train. I don’t wear my music jam 08 shirt or red sailors cap. I wear normal stuff that preps wear. Black Sunglasses, firestriker etc.

    • Kind of agree with both of you (Trainman and Nachoza)

      Rareness doesn’t really matter much, but sometimes, an item has a very significance to you. I got really disappointed when the Sailors Cap (2007 and 2008) and the Red and Black Pirate Shirt or something like that returned in My Penguin. Those were my very first items I ever got in my history and experience of Club Penguin. It meant much to me, now when it re-released, it doesn’t mean much to me anymore…

      Like Train says, many times it shows you that you have been a big part of Club Penguin History, but also like I said, it has a lot of significance to you that it even means much to you.

      At least Nachoza, its unlockable ONLY in the CP Magazine with its from UK only and only few people get the magazines you know…

  6. Sorry, it’s a bit late but here is some information like last time:

    Page 1 – Front Cover
    Page 2 – Wreck-it-Ralph Advert
    Page 3 – Welcome!
    Page 4 – Club Penguin Times
    Page 5 – Power Up!, CPTV, Fashion 4U, Rockhopper’s Tall Tales
    Pages 6, 7 +8 – ‘Home Sweet Home’ Comic Part 1
    Page 9 – Cadence’s Catwalk
    Pages 10 + 11 – CP Cup Final!
    Pages 12 + 13 – Card-Jitsu Snow Guide
    Page 14 – Prize Booth
    Page 15 – Rookiepedia
    Page 16 – Cool Cribs
    Page 17 – Poster 1
    Pages 18 + 19 – Poster 2
    Page 20 – Poster 3
    Pages 21, 22 + 23 – ‘Home Sweet Home’ Comic Part 2
    Pages 24 + 25 – Penguin Games
    Page 26 – PH Planet
    Page 27 – Iron Man 3 Advert
    Pages 28 + 29 – Puzzle Fun Run
    Page 30 – ‘Tipping the Iceberg’ Comic
    Page 31 – Subscribe Today!
    Pages 32 + 33 – Ask Aunt Arctic
    Page 34 – V.I.P.
    Page 35 – Answers, Credits, Next issue…
    Page 36 – Despicable Me 2 Advert

    And here are some images: – The Frisbee – 3D Stickers – Code – Back of code – Keyring and badges

    Sorry it’s late. If you want to use some of this and update the post, then feel free. If not then don’t worry.

        • Train, remember CP on newsround on BBC last year? The guy said rainbow puffle… it happened. He said rh island… it didn’t happen. Do you think they might be using our ideas for once?! Maybe it’s time to discover rockhopper island! Also, that tweet could mean it too!


  8. i might sound stupid but spike hike tweeted a post stating………
    what do you think rockhopper island looks like? so maybe the party could be a journey to rockhopper island? we will just have to wait and see!

  9. I think it may have something to do with Rockhopper island. :) either that or it’s related to the Planes movie.

  10. I really liked Monsters Inc. but I think, in CP, the advertising has gone a bit too far. The Marvel Superhero Takeover was cool but for two years in a row – seriously? And then the Shake it up Music Jam was a bit annoying because I don’t have the Disney Channel so I had never heard of it. But, even though they own CP, I think they are going a bit far with the Disney advertising now, don’t you think? I was hoping that the Monsters University rumours weren’t true because I didn’t want another corporate advertising party but it turned out the rumours were true so now I’m pretty annoyed at CP.

    • Oops. Didn’t finish! XD
      Anyway, I think that the party is ok, as I said, Monsters Inc. is really awesome, I just think that there is a bit too much advertising! :)
      – Frosty :)

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