Unlock Mask of Justice + 1,000 Coins On Club Penguin

I recently posted about the Mask of Justice item now being unlockable, and I now know how you unlock it! With two different codes, you can unlock the item and 1,000 coins! Everyone else has been posting about a single code that only gets you 500 coins, but I’ve got an extra 500 you can unlock. ;-)

The two codes for the item and 500 coins each are:

  • MASQUE01

Each code will unlock the item + 500 coins. You’ll only get the item once, but you’ll get 500 coins both times! Here’s what Club Penguin Support said about the code anyone can unlock:

The code ‘MASQUE01’ was originally released in France for a Super Hero Takeover promotion. This code will unlock the ‘Mask of Justice’ and 500 coins!

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 2.08.30 PM

Thanks to all of you who told me about the first code (Freezepop and Mattou2 were the ones who brought it to my attention) and also to Ace0919 who told me about the HEROMASK code!

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    • Hey sly :), thanks Train for giving me credit, really appreciate it, I just figured of all bloggers I should tell you because I’ve always thought of you as the best and nicest blogger :)

        • I can’t add on Trainman since my list is full but you can send a request to Pinguiny and I’ll add you there. It’s my friend’s friend’s cousin’s penguin that I inherited to keep active.

        • Thanks Train, np, truly most bloggers I think shouldn’t, but when your old enough you should totally apply to be a moderate, on the cp blog, you’d post things like .5 seconds after they came :p p.s. request sent :)

  1. The mask is not exclusive,all that hero suit with the mask and now,if I want the money,I have to have double the mask,but I have 2 or more double items.

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