Tomorrow’s April 19, 2013 Field Friday Announced (Now Over)

UPDATE: Today’s Field Friday has ended.

Tomorrow’s Field Friday has been announced on Club Penguin’s official Twitter. Since it’s been announced so far in advance, you may want to get there early! The server will be Fjord and the time will be 9:00 AM PST. That’s noon EST and 5:00 PM in the UK. I recommend you check Club Penguin’s clock tower at the Snow Forts if you need to know what time 9 AM PST is for you.

45 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s April 19, 2013 Field Friday Announced (Now Over)

  1. Wow. I have school during that time. Do you have an idea why they have these meetups during school hours sometimes Train?

  2. noo!is when i go to the school,you have to say polo,that he would make one more in the afternoon!a can´t go

  3. very important announcament @PoloField_CP is fake,nothing that its the new account of polo,here´s the twitt of spike.@polofield_CP is an imposter. Do not follow it. #freepolo.Train,what if you make a train friday every week!this will be awesome

  4. I wanna meet him this time anyway!
    Last time i failed to meet him due to my Classes
    Well are u coming Train
    Your Penguin Fan,
    Athar (please do add me Train)

  5. Trainman, I going to ask you 4 questions.
    1. Are you going to make a meet up during Marvel Super Hero Takeover Party?
    2.Is there is going to be Train Tuesday or Train Thursday soon?.
    3.Is the Medieval Party is going to come in June?
    4.Is Sensei going to be a mascot during Card-Jitsu Snow Party

    • 9:00 for him, but a different time for others. He has Field Friday at different times so penguins around the world can go. Some are sleeping if he has it later in the day, and he wants them to be able to come sometimes too!

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