Spike Hike Shows New My Penguin Sneak Peek (Updated)

This just in! Spike Hike has tweeted a new sneak peek of the My Penguin app! This one is of him editing his penguin’s outfit. The inventory design is similar-ish to the regular Club Penguin game one.

His inventory is pretty similar to mine, hehe. I definitely like the design!


I’m assuming the icons are:

  1. All items
  2. Head
  3. Face
  4. Neck
  5. Body
  6. Feet
  7. Hand
  8. Backgrounds
  9. Pins
  10. Colours

And somehow Spike Hike has over a million coins….wow! The catalogue icon will of course take you to the in app catalogue.

Also, I wonder if you’ll be able to view more than one penguin (multiple penguins) inside the app?

UPDATE: This is going to be posted on the Club Penguin Blog later today.

Hey Penguins, I hope you are having as much fun in the Marvel Superhero Takeover as we are!! Its so awesome seeing so many heroes (and even a few villans) on patrol!!

To get in the spirit, I decided to dress my Penguin as Tiki Hulk. What do you think? Anyone want to join me in the Tiki Avengers?!!

To get set for the party, I used the My Penguin app’s full screen player card. Trust me on this – it is awesome!! Touch makes it so simple and so much fun to style your Penguin’s outfit. And its all connected to ClubPenguin.com, so changing your outfit on iPad will also change it online automatically. Cool, huh?

We can’t wait to get this app and your hands…and we will be doing it next week.

My Penguin launches May 9th. And best of all, its free to download!!

Until then…Waddle On!!

– The Club Penguin Team

17 thoughts on “Spike Hike Shows New My Penguin Sneak Peek (Updated)

  1. Yes,multiple penguins,probably you’ll login a penguin in the main menu to see in the game like puffle launch,its very cool the app and i dont have an ipad :(

  2. Now I really want an iPad!!!!!! It’s a really cool app and it seems almost directly connected to CP, but do you know if it’s free? I hope it is.

      • Free and really conected to cp,the suit you have in the game’ll be in CP and the coins you earn in my penguin,i think will be some CP games,bad for me waaaaaaa i dont have ipad.

  3. I realized that you won’t be able to view awards in this app if your speculation is correct about the icons. Or maybe we’ll get to view awards somewhere else? I also wonder if we’ll be able to earn stamps in this app. I guess time will tell!

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