New Marvel Superhero Outfit Takeover Sneak Peek

Here is a new sneak peek from Club Penguin! It’s of one of the new Marvel characters that we can dress up as during the party. The character is Sif.

The image:


What other new characters do you think we will be able to dress up as? Who do you want to dress up as?

42 thoughts on “New Marvel Superhero Outfit Takeover Sneak Peek

  1. i dont understand much of these costumes,the player cards of these custumes will be in a special catalog and it will have the orange thing with the cost of every thing of the costumes like in the penguin stile cataloge?and will be exactly like we see here,I meant with the site link and the logo and all?hope you understand and can respond this,thanks,awesome customes,hope we can transforme into some super heroes and villians,my fav is ironman.

  2. I want to be Iron man and I hope the Iron Man costume will be something like the mark 2 because it was my favorite suit. If not mark 2 then mark 1 or mark 47(from Iron Man 3) would be ok.

  3. Hey,Trainman. I’m sure New Marvel Superhero Takeover Outfit makes sense. New Marvel Superhero Outfit Takeover does not.

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