I Now Work For Club Penguin (Yes, This Was An April Fool’s Day Joke)

While some of you might think this is an April Fool’s Day joke, it’s true! Let me explain everything. As many of you know, I’ve been a Club Penguin player ever since age 11 in 2006. Many years later and I still love the game, as you can probably tell by my blogs. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Club Penguin Team, as I have privately spoken to many of the employees over the years. Some of them you may know like Polo Field and Spike Hike, while others you have not heard of and I am not allowed to mention here.

Towards the beginning of this year I was contacted by the Club Penguin Team. They offered to help me move to their Kelowna, Canada headquarters in return for being a part of their penguin support/moderator/social media team. With how their hiring works, all new employees start on the first of each month and a leaving employee’s last day is the first of the month. Basically my first day is Businesmoose’s last day.

So basically, that has why I’ve been so busy. Between flying to and from Kelowna several times, moving into a nice apartment by myself, and of course training for my dream job, I have not had much time for other things. I’ve been wanting to tell everyone this for a while, but instead I’ve just had to cover it up and say I’m just with with life and school. You might be doubting this but my room at home is pretty much empty since I took all my belongings such as books, electronics, and more with me to Canada. It’s been a hectic few months but I’m pleased to announced I am now working for Club Penguin! I do have to switch penguins, and you actually know the name already! Robo Bird is my penguin name – the one you didn’t vote for in the poll. (if you had actually known I’m sure I would have beaten Ninja though!)

I’m sure you’re wondering: will I still be running Club Penguin Memories? The answer is yes! I do have to cut back on exclusives but I might sneak a little something here and there. ;)

Here’s to my job at Club Penguin, I can’t tell you how excited I am!

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 2.34.49 AM

I know, I lied. This is really an April Fool’s Day joke. I (unfortunately) won’t be old enough (18) to work for Club Penguin until June, and even then I won’t meet the job requirements unless they decide to hire me anyway. I do want to work there one day, though!

115 thoughts on “I Now Work For Club Penguin (Yes, This Was An April Fool’s Day Joke)

  1. Train, that was a really cool joke!! I’m sure you will work for Club Penguin soon. Just get your hopes high and keep blogging. By the way I think you would as-well beat ninja in the Club Penguin Poll!

  2. You had me believing this before I saw the end the post!Nice prank trainman.I would also really like to see you working in club penguin!

  3. will you give us exclusives for parties? does that mean you wont be having to look at the swfs anymore? BTW CONGRATULATIONS! I’V ALWAYS WANTED TO WORK FOR CP!:) :) :)

  4. I will be in club penguin after some years since i want to get more things about flash. I am joining cp soon! ;)

  5. Yes I Knew all along because If you were actually about to become a Modertor you would have been against Ninja and Robobird and the rest of the Mods so ya Oh and I you do get a Job in Kelowna I wish you the Best of Luck being a Modertor

  6. Oh, Trainman, you old joker! You had me until I heard the bit about Robo Bird! They wouldn’t have tried to make a penguin a main whats new blogger if they only joined?

  7. We all know they would never hire you as a Support representative, you’d only get hired as Chief Executive. ;)

  8. Lol nice April Fools joke. But i think you should really work for CP. You are THE blogger! You have the best cp blog and your posts are really good and exciting :) You should really think about it!!! I’ll be waiting to see you writing posts on the CP Blog ;)

  9. JAJAJA GOD JOKE TRAIN!WHEN I SAW THIS I SAY WHAT?then i cliked and go to the last part jajajjajja good

  10. I actually live near Kelowna, however as is your problem, I’m not 18 and therefore couldn’t work there either, yet.

  11. What the heck! I just believed that until I saw the ending! Not cool Train! :( XD (srry for my temper there I just thought you worked for CP srry again for my temper.

  12. Man I thought it was real :\ I mean it would be like really cool having a famous best friend working there and give me some clues or things to help me in my game I’m makin :\

  13. Ok train. You knew that Moose would come it the April Fools party. R u sure you dont work for CP already?

  14. Ok Train you really got me I really I’m not jokeing I really never joked beforce but once in my life but really Robo Bird.

  15. Hey trainman it’s agent boots again, you never got back to me about when you want to meet, when do you want to meet, please respond ASAP!

  16. When you said you were getting an apartment for yourself – that was a dead giveaway because a bit of time ago you said you couldn’t afford to live by yourself. But still, that was a creative idea for April Fools day.

  17. Lol, next year why don’t you change the link and redirect the site to the site that rickrolls you when you visit it. Just sayin’. :P

  18. Thinknoodles did an April Fools Prank which made most of the subs on his channel cry! He logged into CP and a message came up which said “Banned: You are Banned Forever”. Think sounded really upset too and then with about 15 seconds of the video left. He said the following: “APRIL FOOLS! Haha, that would never happen – unless, I screw up… AND Thanks for watching and of course – Noodle On!” You should really see the video.!

  19. O_O , if you ever work there,you should put up photos for all of us to see,unless its “TOP SECRET”,we understand
    – Shera54321
    P.S.just asking,nothing bad

  20. I’m glad to know people older than me are playing (I’m 17), It shows that true fun games never die with age!

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