Club Penguin Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013 Commercial (New video)

Club Penguin has a new commercial airing on television! Suddenly I got several comments from some penguins telling me there’s a new one on TV, and one was nice enough to record it! This commercial can be found on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel in the United States.

UPDATE 2: Club Penguin has uploaded it so I’ve embedded the 1080p version. Enjoy!

OLDER UPDATE: I’ve recorded it directly, so enjoy! It looks like this party is going to be really epic. I’m stoked for it!

Thanks sogk, Koolmomo, chilly573, and finally thank to Junior123457 for recording the initial video that I had in this post!

47 thoughts on “Club Penguin Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013 Commercial (New video)

  1. this party is gonna be MORE THAN EPIC!
    if we saw the EPF mission was awsome because of the penguins there like rookie,maybe we will fight the villian! with some sorta the same strategy in operation hot sauce,I mean the 3D animations and stuff,you know.your thoughts,trainman?

  2. Yes. But this party polutes… And it starts a few days after Earth Day! April Fools and Earth Day? TWO TRADITIONAL PARTYS GONE? The new Club Penguin is… Boring.

  3. One morning, Spongebob discovers that his jellyfish net, “Ol’ Reliable,” has been stolen, and he suspects Patrick is the culprit because he was jealous of its success; Spongebob tries to get rid of a giant ball of used gum.

  4. This commercial has also aired on the Hub. I actually saw it early yesterday, but I’m glad someone got video.

  5. cool,wait fred can see?,nope,i didn’t see,so,anyway *gets back to comment*,the weird thing is that my enter button on chat still doesn’t work,and when chatting this still works,the quotation,and stuff like that,and guess what?,i called herbert looooooooosssseeeeerrrerrrrr!!,and on chat i put does l sign at herbert boy!!,its funny,kindaof,hes like O!, >:P
    and i’m just like,”P
    – Shera54321

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