Club Penguin Game On Commercial: Marvel Superhero Takeover

If you were watching Disney Channel or Disney XD today, you may have seen the new Club Penguin commercial. The brief one minute commercial is a Game On segment talking about the Marvel Superhero Takeover party that started earlier today. If you’re interested in seeing what Hallie has to say, you can watch it below.

Thanks to the tip, Waddles4g1!

Also: I bet they got those coins fair and square! :P

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 9.01.36 PM

9 thoughts on “Club Penguin Game On Commercial: Marvel Superhero Takeover

  1. 0-0 I seen this on Tv,Any way do you find it wierd that you can’t see the penguin names in the video? Are they undercover moderators?

  2. I once cheated to get coins back in 2007. I used a money maker that doesn’t work anymore. But those coins are long gone. I donated every single one of them in December 2011 for CFC. Now I will earn them fair and square. :D

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