Club Penguin Earth Day Party 2013 Sneak Peeks

One of the images tweeted during the Club Penguin Summit has Earth Day Party written all over it! It looks like the Forest will be turned into Central Park. I do realise that the party logo at the top of the presentation slide is for the Marvel Superhero Takeover and you can see the superhero catalogue in the bottom right, but in my opinion the team will still do a little something.


27 thoughts on “Club Penguin Earth Day Party 2013 Sneak Peeks

  1. It’s probably for Marvel Supehero Takeover but the mine will be the only room decorated for Earth Day :)

  2. That’s actually the forest, and it’s a zoo! Those are pens for the animals that they sold costumes for in the new catalog. The earth day animal costumes. Each animal has its own exhibit. Notice the african dessert and arctic areas? Also I’ve been looking at all the sneak peeks, and I like this years much better than last years party. It’s cleaner, lighter, and over all less ugly looking, more of what I’d expect from CP. also do you think the Card Jitsu party will be all 3 elements, or just snow?

  3. Looking at it further, that definitely looks like the Forest. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up being a permanent design for it, too.

  4. Yeah…This is the Forest, Marvel Party 2013. Probaly staying there forever. :( Say bye to the Original Club Penguin Forest. Next rooms: Beacon, Lighthouse, Ski Hill, POSSIBLY DOJO, Ski Lodge, and Ski Lodge Attic. Possibly Iceberg. And hopefully not, the Box Dimension

  5. You put cove instead of forest Train! It’s the forest that will be turned into Central Park, not the cove! :P

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