Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Snow Party Sneak Peeks

Club Penguin’s party next month is the Card-Jitsu Snow party! Here is the party logo: (bottom left)


They also showed previews of the Mountain and Ski Village. Here’s the rough sketches of the two rooms:



And here is the completed party room of the Mountain and Ski Village, plus the Snow Dojo!




29 thoughts on “Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Snow Party Sneak Peeks

  1. It’s AWESOME and I know that it’s coming in May it says on the pics :P They really shouldn’t of done that! XD BTW Trainman are you going to post about the new room in June, what do you think the party is???

  2. They really do know how to spoil things, don’t they? Can you identify what all the other parties are by the logos? I can see Medieval Party, but the others aren’t so clear. The fair is coming back too! Is that another Card-Jitsu logo?

  3. I have a feeling this might end up being a sequel to the Card-Jitsu Party from November 2011, and they are adding Snow decorations to it.

  4. I guess the board showing the monthly parties thingy are the parties of 2013. Operation: Blackout is there but since it has a weird dark square surrounding around it. I believe it means that Op. Blackout has end. So the 2013 parties I believe are:

    January – Prehistoric Party
    February – Hollywood Party
    March – Puffle Party
    April – Marvel Super Hero Takeover
    May – Card-Jitsu Snow Party
    June – High School Party?
    July – Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam
    August – Rockhopper’s Quest
    September – The Fair
    October – Halloween Party
    November – Card-Jitsu Party/Medieval Party (Both at same month?)
    December – Holiday Party

    Well…just my thoughts!

  5. i can assume club penguins scedual now
    jan prehistoric
    feb hollywood
    mar puffle party
    apr marvel party
    may card jitsu snow
    june Midevil party?
    july music jam
    august rockhoppers quest
    september fall fair
    oct halloween party
    nov epf mission or this could be the medevil party or a card jitsu event
    dec christmas party and coins for change

  6. Hey trainman! What’s up! I searched all the sites and saw the pictures and rechecked a lot and believe this is the schedule for the year-
    Club penguin parties in 2013:-
    January-Prehistoric party
    February-Hollywood Party
    March-Puffle Party
    April- Marvel Superhero Takeover
    May- Snow Dojo Release
    June-Medieval party
    July-Music Jam party 2013
    August- Rockhoppers quest
    September- Fall Fair
    October-Halloween Party 2013
    November- Operation Blackout
    December-Holiday Party 2013
    Thanks! -Huko2

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