Club Penguin Blog: Card-Jitsu Snow Test Bash (Now Over)

Polo Field has posted a new blog post on Club Penguin’s blog about Card-Jitsu Snow! (why not Ninja, it’d have been so fitting?!) In an effort to get as many penguins as possible to participate in the Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Test, they want everyone to go to the Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Site (click here for it) at 3:00 PM PST today! That’s at 6:00 PM EST and 11:00 PM in the UK. Check the Snow Forts on Club Penguin so you know what time it is in PST! They want to try and fill up the server, so let’s do it!

Do you think these Macs are as good tasting as macintosh apples?

Do you think these Mac computers taste as good as macintosh apples?

Let’s do this thing!

29 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: Card-Jitsu Snow Test Bash (Now Over)

  1. Mmmmmhm, maybe they may be releasing it tonight… OR… On thursday theres going to be a MASSIVE SNOW STORM coming, and the island has a base underground that will have tons of hot sauce that will burn down the snow. And we need EPF agents to guard the base, incase of Herbert using the hot sauce to BURN the island, or try to SINK it down, like in the game in Herberts Revenge. He will try causing a hole in the middle of the island, with hot sauce, then a glacier will start. One side of the island will be sinking, and the other floating. xD

  2. Hey Train! So basically my mom bought me an automatic renewing membership 11 months ago and she said she would cancel after six months… well it’s been like 11 months so my mom is basically mad that I didn’t remind her and took away my membership. The good thing is she just canceled it now and I have until May 1st to be a member. So after May 1st I won’t be visiting the website anymore. So yeah that’s why my life sucks…. Well I’ll keep commenting on your posts for another month. And I’m basically a daily cause I keep it as one of my tabs on my iPod safari and check every day. Sorry, for telling you all my personal problems.

  3. Do you think these Mac computers taste as good as macintosh apples?dont undersatand,i dont understand all the english :( lol

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