April 12, 2013 Field Friday (Now Over)

UPDATE: Field Friday is now over!

From earlier:

Field Friday is now taking place! Polo Field is on the server Fjord partying around the island with penguins right now.


Have fun everyone!

20 thoughts on “April 12, 2013 Field Friday (Now Over)

  1. By the way, Polo Field has said this on Twitter, Treasure Book update is coming next week for those asking. :) SO yeah!
    From cutey0808

  2. Hey train did you know that Lane Merrifield (AKA Billybob) Follows Markus Persson (AKA ‘Notch’ who created minecraft) Do you think Lane works for Notch?? o_O

  3. Train you know what you should have on the website now this is just an idea maybe have a clock showing PST

  4. and on May the 2nd in the upcoming updates you should put -New Pin(Maybe Robot Villan?)

    • You didn’t see me because I didn’t go. I didn’t feel well so I was laying in bed during Field Friday. And thanks for the codes, but I don’t post magazine codes here. :)

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