On This Day In Club Penguin History – March 7

On the 7th of March there were two updates in the year 2008. Both the clothing catalogue and the wig catalogue (before the two were merged) were updated. Starting with the Penguin Style, there were two pages with a total of six new items. They were St. Patrick’s Day and Easter themed.


As for the Wig Catalogue, the Surf Knot (550 coins) and The Cleo (650 coins) were added.


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11 thoughts on “On This Day In Club Penguin History – March 7

  1. Hey train maybe club penguin will do an overlap party for april fools party for example the puffle party will be on but nwith april fools party?

      • I hope not. I remember in 2009 when the Snow Sculpture Showcase and April Fool’s Day Party overlapped each other. I thought it looked really overcrowded. And to top it all off, the Plaza had the Penguin Play Awards going on, too.

        • Belly18, it was AWESOME 2009, I love when they crossovers parties, it DOUBLES the fun!

          I don’t like when its Halloween and Anniversary Party together however…

  2. Trainman I just realized something November is the only month where Club Penguin has had a different event each year.

    2005- None. 2006- Lime Green Party. 2007- Surprise Party. 2008- Dig Out Dojo/Ninja Training. 2009- Winter Party. 2010- Celebration of Water. 2011- Card-Jitsu Party. 2012- Operation: Blackout.

    See none of them are alike or the same. :P

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