On This Day In Club Penguin History – March 27

On the 27th of March there were many updates in 2009, mainly having to do with catalogues!

For starters, the Dock, Ski Lodge, and Cove got game upgrade catalogues added to the rooms! Previously¬†power-ups¬†for Hydro Hopper, Ice Fishing, and Catchin’ Waves would be bought from the Sports Catalogue, but Club Penguin decided to branch it off into their own catalogues. As a result of splitting it off, Club Penguin also updated their sports catalogue. The main attraction of the update was baseball gear.


The Martial Artworks catalogue also received an update, featuring one new clothing item and one new furniture item. The clothing item was the White Gi (800 coins) and the furniture item was the Tea Table. (650 coins) Finally, a new pin, the Top Hat Pin, was hidden at the Lodge Attic.


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  2. Oh yeah! I remember this :-)
    I remember before, you had to click I think a starfish and a conch on the Catchin’ Waves page on the Sports Shop before it was to the Cove to get the Silver Surfboard. Also of the baseball gear, I even have the Team Green Baseball Gear :-) As of the Team Yellow, I only have the Cap

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