On This Day In Club Penguin History – March 13

On the 13th of March there were two updates in the year 2009. They were a new pin and that year’s St. Patrick’s Day Party!┬áThe Pin was the Lucky Coin Pin and could be found at the Mountain on the pot of gold, which was a decoration for the St. Patrick’s Day Party. The 2009 St. Patrick’s Day Party was Club Penguin’s fourth one. The whole island was turned green! The free item at the party was the Shamrock Hat, returning from 2007. In the special party room members were able to get an Accordion for their penguin.



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6 thoughts on “On This Day In Club Penguin History – March 13

  1. Are they ever going to have anything saint patrick’s day related again?Cause im irish but i still live in usa and i ve never seen an saint patricks day party it might be because i played from 2011 summer to right now

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