On This Day In Club Penguin History – March 12

On the 12th of March there were updates three years ago in 2010. There were four different updates.

For starters there was some construction in the Mine for the new rooms. There was a box, wood, a table, and a few other things to show there was some work occurring. Second of all there was a new pin, the Buckle Boot Pin. It could be found at the Dance Lounge. Finally, both the igloo and furniture catalogues were updated for the month. The Green Clover Igloo for 2,050 coins was new in the igloo catalogue and the furniture catalogue had some St. Patrick’s Day related items.



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15 thoughts on “On This Day In Club Penguin History – March 12

  1. The Lucky Green Clover igloo was the first igloo I bought, it took me ages to save up but was better for the long term as I had loads of items. It was a relief when you could save igloos, so then I could buy even more igloos.
    DJ FUN FACT – When I became a member in August 2010, my 2 years worth of savings, 10,000 coins was all spent on Puffle Furniture and puffles, and I haven’t got over 10,000 coins fairly ever since, I once used money maker, but learnt my lesson when it was patched. I just need to get these bits of furniture, but if I leave it, my iggy won’t be rare.

    I had my eye on the Lucky Clover igloo for months, and when I got a membership, I got it. I made a cafe in the Clover Garden and a store, hence my name, in the actual igloo, I also added speakers. It was beautiful, I haven’t made such a beautiful igloo ever since, now, I like making living spaces, good old days…

  2. YEEEE HEH!!!!!! Sports Shop to be coming soon…. again? I have prove. (DONT BLAME ME, THIS IS A GUESS.)
    Site : home.disney.com.au/clubpenguin/clubpenguin.html
    Click on Gary on the tabs. Says “I am owner of Sports Shop.” If the sports shop isnt even on the game anymore, then how is this possible? :P

  3. I`m going to Columbus, Ohio tomorrow to stay with my brother at Ohio State University ( OSU ) i won`t be back until Thursday afternoon Friday i hope i can go to my church`s party!
    train how do you put a picture with your comments like your bird?

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