New Club Penguin Red Nose Day Newsletter

Club Penguin is sending out a new Red Nose Day themed newsletter, presumably to those in the United Kingdom only due to Red Nose Day taking place in that area. Since I do not live in the United Kingdom I haven’t received it. Pen50gi was nice enough to take a picture of the email for me.


Make us laugh and help raise money for Red Nose Day

This month Club Penguin is taking part in Disney’s Comedy Magic campaign, Turning Funny Into Money! Penguins all over the island are wearing Red Noses and telling jokes to Support Red Nose Day. Help Disney raise £100,000 for Red Nose Day – get your kids to upload a screenshot of their penguin telling a joke and Disney will donate £1 to Comic Relief!

It also lets you find out more about Comedy Magic and gives an exclusive wallpaper! Click the links below for the wallpapers in different resolutions. It looks like this:


The following page has been updated:

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