March 9, 2013 Spike Saturday (Now Over)

UPDATE: Today’s Spike Saturday is now over!

From before:

Today’s Spike Saturday is now in session!

It’s at his igloo on Fog. Have fun with Spike Hike, everyone!

27 thoughts on “March 9, 2013 Spike Saturday (Now Over)

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    No april fool´s day party?is oficial,there´s not party?there are rumors

    • No April Fool’s Party for sure. Club Penguin could always decorate a room or two for St. Patrick’s Day like they did last year.

  2. :(((((((( this anoying!!!!!!!!!!! when the saturdays is starting i am at sleep because you maked this new tittle i am at sleet you posted this in 02:30 AM :(((

  3. Can you get up earlier tomorrow so we can meet?

    Date: Monday 11th March 2013
    Time: 8:00 AM PST
    Server: Sleet
    Room: Dock

  4. now i understand your poll at all,you´ll send it to CP team?sorry for the spam of coments and the bad language LOL

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