March 8, 2013 Field Friday (Now Over)

UPDATE: Field Friday is now over.

I just got home from an appointment and it looks like Field friday is currently in session! It’s taking place on the server Fog right now.

Have fun!

8 thoughts on “March 8, 2013 Field Friday (Now Over)

  1. I really hate when Polo Field makes Field Friday in afternoon these days in my place, I like it when its 6 PM or something like that, I feel more conformable. When Polo Field does it like in afternoon, I really hate it because it occurs JUST when I return from school, and trying to hurry up in the room and stuff…

    Fun Fact: Everytime when its Spike Saturday and I can, Spike does it late or early in a time I CAN’T assist and one time I was completely ready but Spike Hike decided to move it to Sunday as “Spike Sunday”. Ugh

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