March 15, 2013 Field Friday (Now Over)

UPDATE: Today’s Field Friday is now over!

From earlier:

Happy Field Friday everyone! Polo Field has just announced this week’s meetup. It’s on the server Fjord all around the island! You can always check his Twitter account for exact locations. He tends to spend a lot of time in igloos…

Have fun! I will try to go to another Field Friday sometime soon, I’ve been missing out!

21 thoughts on “March 15, 2013 Field Friday (Now Over)

  1. Trainman, When I log on, We went to all the igloo. My buddy, Ramone14 and I met Polo Field. I didn’t have him as my buddy because Polo’s buddy list is full. I going to ask you one question. Are you coming to Spike Saturday tomorrow and meet Spike Hike? Let me know.

  2. Missed it, was too busy counting down for Alex Vs Alex. BUT HEY, it was totes worth it. Loved the effects on the movie, too.

  3. Why haven’t you posted “On this Day in Club Penguin History – March 15th” yet? I like looking at what happened on certain days.

  4. Train! On the System Defender section of the stamp book, you remember it was 0/16? Well, they added a few details..CP fixed it to 14 and the last picture will be shown. Thanks to Perapin!

  5. Yeah, You Just Said This On Twitter.

    Roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    if you post before me
    i will let a tiger chase after you!

    LOL! I posted a really important glitch before you, and, no i don’t see any tiger!

    From Coollegoguy4

  6. Train, there is this really cool glitch of how to meet characters when they are offline. First, you must have a mascotmon your bud list. Then, click a location on the map, or teleport anywhere (KEEP THE FRIENDS LIST OPEN). Click the mascot on your friends list immediately after you click the place you are going. Then voila! The mascot is there with a green line around him/her!

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