Get 5,000 Free Coins! (Update: Nevermind, sorry!)

UPDATE: Well, it looks like the code isn’t live yet. It doesn’t work. Oops.

UPDATE 2: Club Penguin has responded to me saying the following: “Currently, the code TUBERUN to earn 5,000 coins no longer works on the actual site.” Bummer! Sorry.

Want 5,000 free coins! Enter the code TUBERUN!


Thanks Screenhog! This will definitely come in handy on Thursday when the new Penguin Style is out.

60 thoughts on “Get 5,000 Free Coins! (Update: Nevermind, sorry!)

  1. read read why do you ask “it works?””it dont works :(” if in the post train says THAT IT NO WORK yet

  2. Hey Train! I just went to Walmart today earlier to buy The Party Starts Now! EP and there was ONE LEFT. Phew, I bought it, and now I have the Bling Bling Necklace! :D

  3. Aw man, well at least you live in the snow cuz I want to live in the snow :( I think it’ll work during the puffle party don’t you train?? :)

  4. Train will you be able to meet me and Archiyoso today?
    If you could meet us on sever mukluk at 11am PST.
    We will start at the dock!!
    See you there.

  5. Just to give you the details for the meetup.

    The rooms we will be in will be:
    The Dock
    The Beach
    The Ice burg
    The Town
    The Stadium
    Finally the Snow forts

    Hopefully you will be able to get in the rooms.

  6. Also a Beta Tester called P41690 is going to come to the meet up.
    P41690 is a secret penguin so you will be very lucky if you meet him!!
    He will start at The Beach.

  7. Ok guys sorry someone deleted my comment. Im holding a party on club penguin at 9 am PST and at the dock. Hope you can come!!

  8. Im just going to give you some of the party details for you.

    We will start at the dock then the the beach, stadium, town, cove, forest, iceberg and ski hill.

    We will stay on the server mukluk for now.

  9. Isn’t it out if its not then what ever ima get lots a coins from cart surfer cause I got all the stamps :3

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