Federflink1’s Club Penguin Meetup On April 1st

It’s been a few weeks since German Club Penguin Blogger Federflink1 had a meetup, so to celebrate April Fool’s Day he will be having one on Monday, April 1st!


The details for this meetup are as follows:

  • Date: Monday, April 1st
  • Time: 16:15 (4:15 PM) Central European Time/3:15 PM in the UK/10:15 AM EST/7:15 AM PST
  • Server: Eiszeit (German server)

Make sure to bring your Puffle and funniest April Fool’s outfit if you go!

33 thoughts on “Federflink1’s Club Penguin Meetup On April 1st

  1. Hey Train aren’t you going to post about Ninja being the new Blogger for Clubpenguin? Check out CP’s twitter it says it there
    Ninja: The wind has chosen me
    What CP should of done is make Ninja say: The penguins have chosen me
    Cause we chose him, anyway are you going to be there?
    Remember my meetup:
    Date 20th March
    Time: 11PST
    Where: (server) Permafrost (so no papparazzi (I dont know how to spell it)) Plaza first then I’ll follow you around the island!

    • I’m posting about it once Ninja posts an introduction on the Club Penguin Blog. :)

      And is the meetup 11 AM or 11 PM?

      • Oh some people have already posted about him being the new blogger they might think that they posted before you and 11am :) (If you can’t come it’ll be okay)

      • Your not there :(
        Oh well I guess your busy right?
        I could do 11pm but you would be sleeping and it would be 7am.
        Im not sad
        (we could make another meetup but…)

        • Yeah sorry I’ve been really busy it’s just hard for me to have time for Club Penguin nowadays. 11PM wouldn’t work for me, AM is better.

      • Okay what about:
        Date: 1st April
        Time: 11AM (or whatever you can do :3)
        Where: (server) Outback
        But if you can’t come it’s okay cause I know you have no time so :)
        P.S I know your private twitter account but I don’t have twitter cause I’m 10 X3.

      • What about:
        Date: April 1st today!
        Time: 11AM PST
        Where: (Server) Outback
        but you might not see this in time and I MIGHT not be there cause I have relitaves over ;P

  2. Woot! I can go!

    However Trainman, do you remember a website you posted in the CP Memories website before or in another blog of yours before where you posted a link and it CATIFIED everything? Your website, everything?

  3. Hey Train, If you go on to Chrisdog93’s blog it say’s there is going to be a puffle party. The Party start’s 12pm PST, on the server Outback at the light house!!! Will you be there for the party????

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